39 EastEnders pictures for next week reveal dastardly revenge confirmed as affair is exposed and Karen is caught out

EastEnders spoilers follow with a picture gallery above, showcasing another unmissable week in the Square.

Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) is panicked when she realises that Priya Nandra-Hart (Sophie Khan-Levy) knows a shocking truth and thus comes to a decision, agreeing to pay Priya in exchange for her silence.

Nish (Navin Chowdhry), however, secretly watches the hushed showdown and intercepts the cash exchange, with Priya covering with a convincing lie.

With Nish seemingly off their trail, Priya resumes her blackmail plot, with Suki only able to pay £200 from the Minute Mart till. Vinny (Shiv Jalota), meanwhile, informs Nish about the missing cash, unaware of what he’s done in doing so.

Nish, you see, subsequently checks the Minute Mart’s CCTV and is horrified to see footage of Suki and Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) kissing. Enraged, the villain spills all to Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara), determined to find out the truth.

Oh dear.

Elsewhere, Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) goes to see Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis) ahead of his plea hearing, trying to manipulate him into pleading guilty by agreeing to restart their ‘relationship’ if he does so.

Theo, however, reacts badly to her suggestion.

EastEnders Week 48 gallery

EastEnders delivers the drama next week, with an affair exposed leaving Nish on the warpath, while Karen’s secret is revealed and Theo’s fate confirmed (Picture: BBC)

The week in question is also a big one for Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley), who is shocked when she finds out Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) has organised a surprise party for her, but things spiral out of control when Malcolm arrives, with Albie taking a shine to him.

After chatting to Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean), Malcolm comes to realise the truth about Karen and Keanu’s (Danny Walters) kidnapping plot and it’s safe to say is disgusted.

Suki and Eve are ready to be together and start a new life (Picture: BBC)
Things are finally starting to look up (Picture: BBC)
Suki, however, is soon panicked when Priya reveals she knows the truth (Picture: BBC)
When Suki offers her £2000 to keep shtum, Priya counters with £3,000 (Picture: BBC)
Eve meets with Suki at the Minute Mart (Picture: BBC)
Suki fills her in on Priya's blackmail plot (Picture: BBC)
Suki pays Priya off with the stolen money from the call centre (Picture: BBC)
Nish witnesses the exchange (Picture: BBC)
Stacey receives a message from Theo, attempting to make contact on the day of his plea hearing (Picture: BBC)
Karen receives a huge shock (Picture: BBC)
She walks in on a surprise party for her, organised by Mitch (Picture: BBC)
Karen is overwhelmed to see Chatham and Riley (Picture: BBC)
Keanu and Karen inch closer to reconciliation after an intervention from Mitch (Picture: BBC)
Jean tries to discourage Stacey from attending Theo's plea hearing (Picture: BBC)
Eve offers her opinion on the matter (Picture: BBC)
But will Stacey listen? (Picture: BBC)
A heart-to-heart ensues between the two (Picture: BBC)
The best friends share a hug (Picture: BBC)
Nish intercepts the cash exchange (Picture: BBC)
He demands an explanation, with Priya lying, insisting that Suki took the money to help her and Avani get a flat (Picture: BBC)
Out of pocket, Suki scrambles to find the funds to pay off Priya, giving her £200 from the Minute Mart (Picture: BBC)
Eve stops by to visit Suki at the shop (Picture: BBC)
The lovers share a tender moment (Picture: BBC)
Suki and Eve share a passionate kiss, which is later caught on camera (Picture: BBC)
Stacey, meanwhile, attends Theo's plea hearing (Picture: BBC)
Martin and Jack provide her with support (Picture: BBC)
How will Theo plead? (Picture: BBC)
Malcolm arrives at the party  and soon discovers that Keanu and Karen staged Albie's kidnap (Picture: BBC)
He confronts Keanu on the matter (Picture: BBC)
Vinny informs Nish that the till at the Minute Mart is £200 short (Picture: BBC)
After checking the CCTV at the Minute Mart, Nish is left reeling, having seen footage of Suki and Eve kissing (Picture: BBC)
Enraged, he confides in Ravi (Picture: BBC)
Ravi is stunned and offers his support (Picture: BBC)
Nish returns home and contemplates his next move (Picture: BBC)
He's determined to find out the truth, but will he do so? (Picture: BBC)
Keanu demands that Karen hand over the ransom money (Picture: BBC)
Karen refuses and a scuffle ensues (Picture: BBC)
Mitch interrupts the showdown and is disgusted to learn the truth (Picture: BBC)
Ravi has a decision to make (Picture: BBC)
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