56 EastEnders pictures confirm two major returns as one legend’s exit is ‘sealed’

There’s no force stronger than a mothers love, which is a lesson that EastEnders’ The Six are set to find out for themselves next week, as previewed in Metro’s newest picture gallery featuring 56 pictures.

Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley), who made a shock exit from the Square last year, stages quite a comeback next week, hellbent on finding out what exactly happened on Christmas Day in regards to son Keanu Taylor’s (Danny Walters) disappearance.

Her presence rattles some of The Six, who claimed Keanu’s life over the festive season, particularly Linda Carter (Kellie Bright), who already has a lot to deal with following her ill-advised kiss with Alfie Moon (Shane Richie), so when she spots Karen she’s left in a panic, fearing that the walls are starting to close in.

With Alfie having suggested a holiday, Linda ultimately takes him up on his offer, returning to the Vic to pack up her belongings, as shown in my pictures above.

The landlady’s exit plan, however, isn’t all that well-received by Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe) and Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), who are both keen to talk her into staying put.

But will Linda listen to their advice?

Or is some time away from the Square exactly what she needs to get things straight in her mind? That remains to be seen, but her reliance on alcohol once again leads to questions being asked, leaving one resident quite concerned.

And speaking of concern, if I were Karen I’d do everything in my power to keep out of sight because her return riles up Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), who demands that she return the money she stole previously.

Karen, however, plays with fire, asserting that she’s keeping hold of said cash, so I can’t help but wonder if Phil will retaliate?

EastEnders gallery w/c Monday February 5
With two major returns, a big secret set to be exposed and tension aplenty for The Six, you’re not going to want to miss EastEnders next week (Picture: BBC / Jack Barnes /Kieron McCarron)

He’s not exactly known for his calm and collected demeanour, is he? I mean, once you cross him that’s that – and Phil has given Karen plenty of chances to give back what is rightfully his, so will he resort to his old tactics to get his cash back?

That’s for me to know and you to find out!

Elsewhere, poor Denise Fox (Diane Parish) continues to suffer in silence following her prison visit with ex Lucas Johnson (Don Gilet), feeling the need to unburden herself as per Pastor Clayton’s advice. But her torment persists as she hallucinates Keanu once again.

You’re in for quite a week, trust me.

Jack gets ready for work at Stacey's, having spent the night there (Picture: BBC)
The two share a passionate kiss (Picture: BBC)
Jean shows Stacey a flyer about the re-opening of the cafe (Picture: BBC)
A crisis meeting is called for The Six after a leak at the cafe leads to discussion about having the floor replaced (Picture: BBC)
Stacey, Denise and Kathy attempt to work our their next move (Picture: BBC)
With the walls closing in, Linda fears for her freedom (Picture: BBC)
The Queen Vic landlady has a lot on her mind following a kiss with Alfie (Picture: BBC)
Wanting some advice, Linda turns to Elaine (Picture: BBC)
But how will Elaine respond to what her daughter has to say? (Picture: BBC)
At the Albert, Bernie asks about getting her old job back (Picture: BBC)
Over at the Vic, Eddie arrives (Picture: BBC)
His presence puts Gina on edge as she's got her concerns about his behaviour (Picture: BBC)
Eddie is delighted to reveal that he's been awarded for championing diversity in boxing but Gina still has her doubts about her grandad (Picture: BBC)
Ian reckons that Alfie should mark the end of his cancer treatment with a holiday (Picture: BBC)
Linda, meanwhile, pops over to the flat to discuss their kiss and she's taken aback when Alfie suggests she join him on the holiday! (Picture: BBC)
The day of the cafe re-opening arrives (Picture: BBC)
An unexpected surprise in the form of Karen Taylor leads to quite a showdown (Picture: BBC)
Phil is particularly upset by her presence and demands that she pay up the money she stole from him (Picture: BBC)
Kathy and Suki are perturbed by Karen's return, fearing what it could mean for them if she starts to investigate Keanu's 'disappearance' (Picture: BBC)
Bernie is surprised to see her mum back in Walford after all the drama around her exit last year (Picture: BBC)
Karen, however, isn't frightened of hard-man Phil as she reiterates her intention to get to the bottom of Keanu's vanishing (Picture: BBC)
But Phil isn't playing nice, wanting his money back this instant! (Picture: BBC)
Will Karen face the wrath of Walford's most notorious hard-man? (Picture: BBC)
Karen pays Stacey a visit, wanting answers (Picture: BBC)
Stacey gives the concerned mum a fictionalised version of events, hoping Karen will believe her (Picture: BBC)
Having got word of Karen's presence, a panicked Linda makes a beeline for her room and packs up her stuff (Picture: BBC)
Elaine is taken aback to find out that Linda is going on holiday with Alfie (Picture: BBC)
Stacey, meanwhile, is horrified to find out that Linda is leaving the Square (Picture: BBC)
Will Linda do as Stacey asks and stay put? (Picture: BBC)
Gina once again voices her concerns about Eddie, but will George listen to her? (Picture: BBC)
Gina has every right to be worried, with George making a secret call nearby, telling wife Gloria that everything is in hand. But just what is he up to? (Picture: BBC)
Karen and Bernie have a chat at the launderette (Picture: BBC)
But can Bernie get through to her mum? (Picture: BBC)
Apparently not, with Karen once again confronting Stacey (Picture: BBC)
Linda is next on Karen's list as she speaks to the Queen Vic landlady about the events of Christmas (Picture: BBC)
Nish has a big surprise for Kat (Picture: BBC)
It's a fancy new coat but Kat is not impressed as it's clearly not to her taste (Picture: BBC)
Will Nish take offence to such a thing? (Picture: BBC)
It seems so as Nish follows Kat, reminding her about his new purchase (Picture: BBC)
Nish urges her to change into the new coat and discard the old one (Picture: BBC)
Kat does as she's told but it's clear that she's not happy about her new boyfriend's controlling behaviour (Picture: BBC)
The showdown is witnessed by Honey, Eve, Stacey and Jean, with Jean later giving Kat some advice (Picture: BBC)
Gina opens up to mum Cindy about Eddie's comeback (Picture: BBC)
Cindy is similarly spooked by his presence (Picture: BBC)
Eddie proves unwelcoming towards Cindy, with some tension ensuing (Picture: BBC)
With Eddie out of earshot, Cindy confronts George on why he's letting Eddie away with such awful behaviour (Picture: BBC)
George proves supportive towards Eddie, much to Cindy's dismay (Picture: BBC)
Gina and Cindy discuss their feelings on the matter (Picture: BBC)
Anna and Eddie have a chat as George watches on (Picture: BBC)
Cindy has enough and once again tackles George on the subject (Picture: BBC)
The matriarch later reminisces about the past (Picture: BBC)
She has a talk with Peter, which helps her come to a big decision (Picture: BBC)
Lauren confronts Linda in the market (Picture: BBC)
Having found out that Linda has a bottle of wine, she asks after Annie, evidently concerned about her (Picture: BBC)
There's something of a showdown between Kat and Priya in the street, with Ben and Callum forced to intervene (Picture: BBC)
Kat has more issues to deal with after she receives word that Tommy has moved back home with Phil (Picture: BBC)

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