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BBC EastEnders 2024 spoilers – shock New Year’s Day return and pregnancy to murder fallout

The drama continues in Albert Square well into the new year, with 2024 set to start off with a bang as BBC bosses treat EastEnders fans to even more action-packed scenes

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EastEnders dominated Christmas TV this year, and the BBC soap looks set to continue it’s strong run well into 2024.

Following the revelation Linda Carter was the one to kill someone on the Christmas Day installment of the long-running soap, EastEnders viewers are already pondering if the Queen Vic landlady and the rest of The Six will get away with ending Keanu Taylor’s life.

But BBC scriptwriters have plenty of other juicy storylines ready for their loyal fans to devour over the next few weeks, with some of the Square’s other characters get in on the action.

Monday 1st January

In scenes set to air on New Year’s Day, Lauren and Penny make a decision in Paris that they have to return to Walford due to the events of the evening. Elaine continues to struggle as Cindy tries to insert herself into George’s life. Elaine is shocked when she catches Cindy asking George if he’s happy with his life choices, but as George tries to explain himself, he receives two unexpected visitors – his parents, Gloria and Eddie.

Zack and Whitney are devastated as they break the news to Ashton that he’s moving to a new foster home. While Whitney struggles to cope, Zack drowns his sorrows at Peggy’s with Martin. Sonia attempts to cheer Whitney up at their small NYE bash, but to no avail.

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The Walford teens decide to have an NYE party, and one of them steals a case of beer from the Minute Mart. However, when Patrick and Yolande come to check on them, the teens are mortified to realise the stolen beer is alcohol-free. Yolande agrees to keep the theft a secret, in exchange for a favour…

zack and whitney on eastenders

Whitney has a decision to make in the new year

Tuesday 2nd January

Elaine is concerned by George’s reaction to his parents’ arrival, but he refuses to open up. Meanwhile, at the Beale house, Cindy tells Ian that George was adopted. Gloria is thrilled to be reunited with Gina and Anna, but it’s tense between Eddie and his eldest granddaughter. Later, Gloria reveals a shocking truth to George…

As Zack and Whitney discuss some news, Zack the pair are interrupted by the social worker who has come to collect Ashton. Elsewhere, Yolande orders the Walford teens to deliver church leaflets in exchange for her silence about the stolen beer from NYE, but Denzel is alarmed when it’s suggested that there’s something going on between Yolande and Pastor Clayton. Also, Penny arrives back in Walford.

Wednesday 3rd January

George wakes having spent the night on the sofa and lies to Elaine so he can sneak off to meet Cindy. At a café, George reveals all to Cindy about his adoption. The pair attempt to find out more information but they are shocked by what they find. Later on in the episode, Elaine consoles a broken George who finally reveals all and breaks down in her arms…

On the market, Whitney shows Sonia a picture of Ashton settled in his new foster family as she tries to come to terms with his premature departure. Elsewhere, Denzel reluctantly agrees to help at Pastor Clayton’s soup kitchen but after he misconstrues a situation between the Pastor and Yolande, he deliberately tips hot curry on him. Penny struggles to cope in the wake of recent events as she makes a difficult decision.

Thursday 4th January

George invites Gloria and Eddie for dinner in an attempt to get some much needed answers. Things get off to a harmonious start, but it’s not long before a huge row ensues when Eddie’s rude comments to Gina rile Cindy. Later, George and Gloria have a heart-to-heart as Gloria shares some invaluable insight into his heritage

Whitney heads to the allotment to visit Peach’s tree where she is interrupted by Yolande who shares her own experience on fostering, but Whitney breaks down. After their heart-to-heart, Whitney makes a decision and heads back to No.3B….

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