BBC EastEnders 2024 twists ‘sealed’: Tragic death to Suki and Nish showdown

EastEnders is set to reveal a series of twists and turns in 2024 with major stars being handed bombshell storylines in 2024 from 'The Six' and beyond

EastEnders has had quite the 2023, and now there could be huge scenes ahead as 2024 hits Walford.

Fresh from a dramatic murder plot taking over much of this year, the truth is finally out and will no doubt spark a series of storylines for the next year and beyond. As it stands, The Six are continuing to cover up their shocking crime with one man dead, and another in a coma.

Now another man has suffered the consequences too, as the women desperately try to cover their tracks as suspicions rise over the events of Christmas Day. But with other hints at what is ahead for residents, from exits and discoveries, to romances and the fallout to the Christmas murder, just what exactly can viewers expect to see in the new year ahead?


EastEnders could be lining up some major twists and turns on the BBC soap in 2024, 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Exit twists

We know that Whitney Dean will soon leave the show, while a number of characters have left the show in 2023. Could this mean many more exits will air in 2024 too?

If the truth about Keanu’s death comes to light as well as the attack on Nish, could Denise or Linda or any of The Six be forced to leave in some way? As for Whitney, it’s been teased she will leave as her and her partner Zack drift apart.

Keanu murder reveal?


Will Keanu’s murder come to light? 



Depending hon ow long EastEnders bosses plan to drag out the murder storyline fallout and where it leads to next, might 2024 be the year we see Keanu’s body discovered? Currently only The Six know he is dead, with his body being hidden in the burnt out café.

But surely it’s only a matter of time before questions are asked as the police continue to search for missing Keanu. Someone is bound to find out Keanu’s fate at some point in the next year surely!

Death fears for Linda

Linda on EastEnders

There’s concern for Linda Carter 



Fans will no doubt be fearing an exit is on the cards for Linda Carter, given she has been revealed as Keanu Taylor’s killer. There’s also the fact the alcoholic recently relapsed, and now recent events have led to her drinking heavily.

Could her demons cost her her life this time, as she hits the bottle after her actions on Christmas Day? Either that, or perhaps she will end up letting slip what she did to Keanu,

Baby twist

Gina and Dean on EastEnders

Gina Knight befriended Linda’s rapist Dean Wicks 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Some viewers were sickened recently, when Gina Knight befriended Linda’s rapist Dean Wicks despite knowing what he did to her. It seemed Gina did not believe the character, and recent scenes saw her once again bonding with Dean as he remained in Walford.

Viewers have been wondering if they slept together in secret in a recent episode, predicting a baby twist could be on the way for George Knight’s daughter. So might Gina end up falling pregnant, causing more trouble between her and Linda?

Shock reunion and sad splits


Denise and Jack remain on the rocks 



There’s secrets and lies threatening to erupt after the events of Christmas Day. Kat Slater is fearful her husband Phil Mitchell will ditch her for Sharon now that he knows he’s the real father of Albie.

So will Sharon and Phil end up reuniting over their shared son? Kat still doesn’t know that Phil cheated on her with Emma Harding months ago, so might she ditch him and end up back with Alfie Moon like many viewers are hoping for?

As for splits, we know Whitney and Zack are likely to split as Whitney is leaving. Jack Branning and Denise Fox are also on the rocks and seem to be heading for divorce, but nothing is confirmed.

The Six drama

Of course there are no doubt going to be huge twists and turns stemming from the murder plot on Christmas. The Six are united by their actions, and the brutal murder of Keanu, as well as the attack on Nish.

Only they know the truth of what happened in the pub, and where Keanu ended up. Surely across 2024 the storyline and their versions of events will start to unravel.

We’ve already seen some of the ladies struggling, so how long before one of them lets slip to someone what happened? Will someone be dragged into the plot, or will anyone need to be silenced?

Suki and Eve face Nish?


Nish remains in a coma after the events of Christmas Day 



Nish remains in a coma after the events of Christmas Day, and it remains to be seen whether he will live or die. The doctors have suggested he will live to tell the tale, but what exactly does he remember?

Viewers are convinced Nish could end up suffering from amnesia and may forget the fact he was attacked by Denise, and why. That said, others ware wondering if he might fake amnesia. Either way, he’s going to wake up, if he does, to the fact Suki has moved on with Eve.

Given Nish ordered Eve to be killed and tried to tear them apart, how will he react? He’s sure to have a showdown with Suki and Eve at some point if he stays on the show.

Mitchell bombshell

EastEnders has cast legendary actor Alan Ford as Billy Mitchell’s estranged dad Stevie Mitchell

EastEnders has cast the role of Stevie Mitchell 


Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron/BBC)

We know that the Mitchells will be rocked by the arrival of Billy Mitchell’s estranged father Stevie Mitchell. After the sad passing of Aunt Sal in upcoming scenes, Stevie will show up at the funeral causing drama.

While Stevie did feature in the special Mitchell flashback episode earlier this year, he has never been on the main show. So could his arrival lead to some big bombshells and new storylines for the family?

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