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BBC EastEnders’ Brian Conley teases more about Rocky Cotton’s final storyline amid soap exit

EastEnders star Brian Conley has spoken out about his upcoming gambling storyline and teased his character will make a 'terrible' mistake amid his growing money problems

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Rocky Cotton star Brian Conley is set to leave Walford 

EastEnders star Brian Conley has shared details on his upcoming storyline on the soap, which sees his character Rocky Cotton’s life spiralling out of control due to his gambling addiction.

The conman has had a tough time of it in recent weeks after running into financial problems while married to wife Kathy Beale. To make some quick cash, Rocky spends all of his money at the bookies but instantly regrets his decision after he loses nearly all of his life savings.

In upcoming scenes, Kathy confronts Rocky over the amount of time he’s spending at the bookies, spoilers reveal. During their conversation, Kathy suggests that it’s about time they moved in together. Knowing he would struggle to pay rent on their new flat, lies to Kathy and insists he’s not yet been paid by Jay.

Wanting to make money fast, Rocky hatches a plan to sell more cars in the hope that the extra commission will secure his and Kathy’s future. In the meantime, he places bets at the bookies.

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Rocky will struggle with his gambling addiction 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Rocky quickly fell back into his dodgy ways after his ex-wife Jo Cotton threatened to pursue a bigamy case against him if he failed to pay for her silence.

He said: “I think so. It’s always been a social thing for him, but he sees this as his only way out now. He’s making that terrible mistake where he thinks he can take on the bookies. He becomes more and more desperate, and he keeps on putting in more money to try and win back the money he’s lost. It’s one big downward spiral for him.”

As he becomes more and more desperate, Rocky plots to convince the Beales to let him and Kathy move back in after they recently left over the drama surrounding Cindy Beale’s return.

Revealing his relationship with legendary cast members Adam Woodyatt and Michelle Collins, Brian said: “It’s wonderful. It’s history. It’s funny because at the beginning, you have to remember that they’re not new.

“They’ve been here a lot longer than me, so you find yourself wanting to say, ‘This is where you get your coffees’ and ‘Over there is where the scripts are’. They’re both legends. He’s [Adam] got some great stories.”


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