BBC EastEnders café fire cause teased ahead of deadly blaze scenes

BBC EastEnders has appeared to hint at the cause of the reported deadly café fire this autumn, which will apparently destroy iconic Albert Square venue Kathy's café

EastEnders spoilers for next week has appeared to hint at the cause of the reported deadly café fire this autumn.

It was reported recently that iconic Albert Square venue Kathy’s café will be destroyed by a deadly blaze. Reports claim characters could be left in serious danger as a fire spreads through the building in dramatic scenes. No details have been confirmed by the BBC soap about the shocking storyline or what happens.

What has been teased is that some fan favourites could be left fighting for their lives, with huge repercussions in the fallout. It’s also teased questions will be raised as to what or who causes the fire, with it tipped to be deliberate. And in new spoilers for next week, the BBC One soap has appeared to tease the fire and a potential cause.

In upcoming scenes next week, Bernadette ‘Bernie’ Taylor struggles when the fuse box blows in the café and Kathy Beale can’t afford to pay a professional to sort it out. Could this lead to the fire? It comes as Jamie Borthwick exclusively told The Mirror that one character will not be caught up in the deadly stunt.

EastEnders spoilers for next week has appeared to hint at the cause of the reported deadly café fire this autumn 



Jay Brown actor Jamie told us the fire was on the cards. He also spilled that his character Jay was safe from harm and was not going to be injured, amid reports of characters being left fighting for their lives and fears one character could die.

As we mentioned the fire rumours, he told us: “Oh yeah, I remember that, yeah.” As we asked about why viewers should stay tuned he said: “Because it’s EastEnders, that’s why. That’s it!” On whether Jay will be at risk in the big fire stunt, Jamie told us: “I’ve not really been involved in that so it’s not me, it’s not me.”

Earlier this month, a source told The Sun of the looming fire stunt: “Bosses are staying tight-lipped about who’s behind the attack and who is left fighting for their lives, but viewers can expect lots of drama as the storyline unfolds on-screen and the residents of Walford deal with the fallout of the event. These scenes have just been shot and they look incredible. They are part of the explosive autumn the show has lined up.”

Viewers have been fearing for a number of characters since the twist was reported, with Karen Taylor actress Lorraine Stanley soon leaving the show. Other characters are thought to be linked to the stunt but nothing is confirmed currently.

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