BBC EastEnders character announces exit from Walford ahead of Christmas death twist

EastEnders aired a surprise for one character on the BBC soap on Wednesday night, as another Walford resident announced they were leaving for good three years after debuting

EastEnders aired an exit decision by one character on the BBC soap in the latest episode.

One Walford resident was stunned as a relative told them they were leaving Walford for good on Wednesday night. Suki Panesar decided to flee her controlling husband Nish Panesar for a new life away from Albert Square, after telling son Vinny Panesar she did not love his father.

She detailed how being with Nish made her skin crawl, and how he controlled her life. Viewers have seen Nish be cruel, manipulative and abusive to Suki over the past year.

They also know Suki loves her secret love interest Eve Unwin, but the pair called time on things after Suki chose to stay with Nish, while this was out of fear. Vinny had threatened to expose Suki and Eve after finding out about them, and to protect her and Eve she stayed with her husband.

After Suki told her son that he was the reason she had stayed with a husband she hated, in a life she hated, she confessed she needed to find out who she was. Vinny broke down as he realised his mother was struggling, and he promised her he wouldn’t stand in her way anymore.

EastEnders aired an exit decision by one character on the BBC soap in the latest episode

EastEnders aired an exit decision by one character on the BBC soap in the latest episode 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

On Wednesday night, viewers saw Suki speak privately to Vinny, declaring she was going to leave Nish. But she shocked him further when she dropped the added twist that she was going to get away from Walford and leave for good, even asking if he would go with her.

As Vinny reeled from her bombshell, she told him: “You’re right, I have to leave him. There is nothing left for me here, it’s different for you… I’m gonna be alright… I’m not gonna let him run my life anymore. I’m leaving Walford.”

Of course viewers know that Suki can’t leave any time soon, unless of course she returns next month. Suki is one of six female characters caught up in the dramatic Christmas Day murder twist.

Suki is joined by Kathy Beale, Denise Fox, Linda Carter, Stacey Slater and Sharon Watts at the scene of a death at The Queen Vic, with one of them tipped to be the killer. We don’t know who dies yet, but with Suki in the scene it’s clear she doesn’t leave.

But could her plan to flee Walford foreshadow a future exit for the character? Could the events of Christmas Day lead to her exit? Viewers will have to tune in to find out what Suki’s future holds.

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