BBC EastEnders Christmas murder victim ‘revealed’ as Keanu — but The Six don’t ‘kill him’

EXCLUSIVE: An EastEnders male character will end up dead next week - but in a shock twist it’s been claimed the murderer might not be one of the iconic Six ladies

EastEnders’ Keanu Taylor could be the dead body at Christmas, AI has claimed – but it’s not one of The Six who puts him there.

As fans will know, the BBC Soap is gearing up for the death of an unknown male character this festive season. The details of the death have been kept under wraps – but viewers know the male star will die at The Queen Vic.

For the past year, the soap had been dishing out the clues for the iconic storyline. In February, a special flashforward scene aired, that hinted at what goes down.

Fans also know the suspects at the scene of the crime. These include Stacey Slater, Sharon Watts, Suki Panesar, Denise Fox, Linda Carter and Kathy Beale.

EastEnders will air a shock death on Christmas (Image: BBC)
The BBC soap has also recently confirmed seven male names are at risk of being killed off. These characters include Keanu Taylor, Phil Mitchell, Ravi Gulati, Dean, Nish Panesar, Rocky Cotton and Jack Branning.

And now, it’s been claimed that it could be Keanu (Danny Walters) who ends up dead in the Vic. But in a shock twist, it’s none of the six ladies that put him there, apparently.

EastEnders have appeared to confirm the seven male victims who could be bumped off this Christmas (Image: BBC)

In episodes this week, Dean Wicks’ estranged daughter rocked up to the square. Desperate for a fresh start with daughter Jade (Elizabeth Green), Dean tried to keep Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) quiet about raping her – and has denied he ever did it to this day.

Unfortunately, his past caught up with him and made things complicated with Jade. During Tuesday’s episode (December 12) Linda received a text from Dean (Matt Di Angelo) that showed her son Ollie Carter (Harry Farr) with him dressed as Father Christmas in a grotto, referring to himself in a message as “Uncle Dean”.

Keanu outed Dean as a ‘sexual predator’ in front of his daughter

Fuming, she stormed over to Dean’s pie and mash shop where Keanu was also picking up some food. She soon ripped into Dean causing a confused Jade to ask why Linda was angry.

Keanu then chimed in and called Dean a “sexual predator,” in which Dean told him to “shut up,” while Jade looked at her dad with suspicion. Later on, and doubtful of her dad, Jade told Dean she didn’t want to see him again – leaving him heartbroken.

His daughter Jade was left horrified at her dad

Now, AI reckons Keanu could end up being the Christmas victim on the soap – and it claims Dean could be the one who kills him. Daily Star has quizzed one of the world’s most popular artificially intelligent “creative” tools Bard AI to see if Dean could Murder Keanu at Christmas.

The program responded: “It is possible that Dean could try to kill Keanu in revenge for telling Jade about his past.” Bard AI explained: “The tension between the two characters has been building for some time, and it seems like it could finally come to a head in the near future.”

AI reckons Keanu could get killed at Christmas by Dean (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

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The system then noted how in recent episodes, “Keanu has been taunting Dean about his past.” It added: “This has caused Dean a great deal of pain and anger, and it is clear that he is not happy about Keanu’s actions.”

Bard AI continued: “Some fans believe that Dean will eventually snap and kill Keanu in a fit of rage at Christmas. This would be a dramatic and shocking turn of events, but it is not out of the question given the current state of affairs between the two characters.”

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday on BBC One at 7.30pm

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