BBC EastEnders Christmas teaser hints at two victims as eagle-eyed fans ‘rumble double murder’

EastEnders viewers are convinced the latest Christmas trailer for the BBC soap has given away major clues, from two deaths to possible victims being revealed and the events that lead to the big drama

EastEnders viewers are convinced a double death is on the way in a major twist, ahead of big Christmas Day scenes.

For months viewers have known that a mystery male character will be killed off at The Queen Vic this Christmas, with six female characters in the frame to turn killer. But eagle-eyed fans watching the latest clue trailer have guessed there’s more to the plot, and possibly two deaths will air.

Sharon Watts, Linda Carter, Denise Fox, Stacey Slater, Kathy Beale and Suki Panesar are all at the scene of the crime, and so far a clue video has dropped for four of the women. The latest to drop was that of Sharon, which was released after Tuesday’s episode where Sharon and her partner Keanu Taylor featured heavily.

Sharon was relieved as her son Albie, who had been kidnapped last week, was returned home safely. She remains unaware that partner Keanu, who is tipped to die this Christmas amid their wedding day, was behind the fake kidnap plot.

In her clip we see Sharon in a wedding dress, while recent pictures confirmed Sharon will marry Keanu on Christmas Day – or at least this is when their wedding is planned for. But watching the new teaser, some fans spotted some possible clues about who dies and what actually happens during the big episode.

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EastEnders viewers are convinced a double death is on the way

EastEnders viewers are convinced a double death is on the way 



Taking to Twitter, fans began to piece together the different clues from this clip and the others released so far, with a possible timeline of events in place. Not only that, but fans also guessed two victims would be revealed, and we might know who they are already.

Sharon is seen looking worried as white petals like confetti drop from the ceiling, before she throws her bridal bouquet behind her. As she does this she appears to smile – is this a hint she will ditch Keanu, or maybe take revenge on him over his betrayal?

Then there’s the fact there is smoke around her, when we know there’s a fire coming up caused by Kathy’s husband Rocky Cotton. Could this lead in to Kathy’s own teaser, and be a hint that it’s Rocky who dies?

Sharon’s clip ends as the camera pans upstairs, seemingly flowing into pal Linda’s own teaser. In this clip we saw Linda scrubbing blood off of the floor upstairs – teasing the death might occur in this location.

Sharon's trailer seems to link to Linda's one

Sharon’s trailer seems to link to Linda’s one 



Of course we know from the flashforward that the body is found downstairs and Linda is last to walk into the room, with a cut on her lip. Now, fans are convinced all of this could mean two people die at Christmas, with a body upstairs and a body downstairs.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer posted: “Is there some relevance to the camera panning to upstairs but we don’t see what’s going on upstairs?” Another agreed: “The way Sharon throws the bouquet upwards and the camera panning upstairs (links to Linda’s trailer, cleaning blood) is making me think there is two bodies.”

A third fan wrote: “Her throwing the bouquet, the camera panning towards upstairs… Linda cleaning upstairs in her trailer! Am starting to think there are two bodies.” A fourth said: “I’m even more convinced its a double murder wth the pan up to linda scrubbing the floor upstairs.”

Other viewers speculated over the timeline of the events as well as the victims. One tweet read: “Interesting she throws the bouquet – which you normally do after the wedding,” as another said: “Smoke…could this link with the cafe fire?? Rocky.”

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