BBC EastEnders spoilers for next week: Character return, Dean left for dead and shock kiss

EastEnders viewers are in for a treat next week with a slew of explosive storylines from a character return and Dean Wicks being left for dead to a shocking kiss


EastEnders is pulling out all the stops next week with a series of explosive storylines to shock Albert Square.

In upcoming scenes, the BBC One soap will welcome back a character, months after a sudden exit. Sam Mitchell, played by actress Kim Medcalf, is reprising her role again seven months after she left for Spain for a new job.

Elsewhere, spoilers have revealed that Dean Wicks is left for dead next week after a showdown with George Knight ahead of the Christmas whodunnit. Also in Albert Square, a shock kiss airs between two characters after viewers had predicted an affair twist. Here’s the biggest moments ahead on EastEnders next week…

Sam Mitchell returns to Albert Square

EastEnders will welcome back a character on the BBC soap next week, months after a sudden exit. Sam Mitchell, played by actress Kim, is reprising her role again seven months after she left for Spain for a new job. At the time, fans feared the character had left for good, despite her only recently making a comeback for the first time in years.

Sam Mitchell, played by actress Kim Medcalf, is reprising her role again 

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BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

But EastEnders confirmed Sam would be back at some point, with actress Kim recently spotted filming on set. Now, new spoilers have confirmed next week the time has come, and Sam will head back to Albert Square. A lot has changed in Walford since she was last there, with wedding drama for her brother Phil Mitchell, the loss of Lola Pearce and Sam’s son Ricky Mitchell, aged 12, welcoming a baby daughter with Lily Slater. Ricky is set to be angry with Sam, again, after she failed to be there for him for the birth of his child.

But this may be the least of their worries, as Sam brings the wrong crowd back to Walford with her after getting herself into trouble. It emerges she owes money to a drug boss, and she begs brother Phil to pay off her debts. Sam soon runs into the very criminal she’s hiding from and he grabs her, issuing her a threat. As Phil’s partner Kat sees the commotion she rushes off to get Phil and Billy for help.

Luckily for Sam, Phil gets there just in time, and he tells villain Camillo he’ll get his money. Sam heads off to see her son, but he’s furious with her for not telling him she was back straight away. She insists that now her troubles are behind her, she’s ready to make him and her granddaughter Charli her priority, but Ricky is not convinced and isn’t keen on her seeing his child. Sam asks Lily’s mother Stacey Slater for help, and soon she finally gets to meet her granddaughter – but will she stick around?

Dean Wicks left for dead ahead of Christmas whodunnit

EastEnders villain Dean is left for dead next week after a showdown with George, ahead of the Christmas whodunnit. Soap watchers will recall that Dean raped Linda Carter in 2014 and was driven out of Walford after being disowned by his family in 2016. However, the villain made an explosive return recently as he was revealed as the Beales’ new business partner.

Dean Wicks is left for dead next week after a showdown 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

In upcoming scenes, it’s launch day for the Beales’ pie and mash shop, Beale’s Eels, but Dean is furious to see “rapist” written in graffiti across the window. Accusing Linda of the graffiti, Dean has a nasty confrontation with her and the Knights in front of a crowd where he states he can sue Linda for slander.

Dean’s threat leaves Elaine and George worried that legal action could result in her losing the pub and, after seeking advice from Jack, Linda reluctantly goes to strike a truce with Dean. However, her attempts to calm the situation result in more drama as Ian and Cindy demand that Dean back down or their business will never take off.

Later, during a tense stand-off upstairs at The Vic, George lashes out at Dean, who falls down the stairs and lies motionless at the bottom. Linda, George and Cindy are in shock as they rush to Dean while Cindy calls an ambulance and tells everyone she didn’t see what happened.

Cindy’s claims leave Ian furious that she’s covering for George and he begs Cindy at the hospital not to lie for George as she could end up back inside, to which she agrees to tell the truth. Meanwhile, after discovering George is on a suspended sentence and will go to prison, Linda takes matters into her own hands. Later in the week, Linda broods and is horrified when Elaine makes it clear she wants her to say whatever it takes to get George off the hook.

Shock kiss between two characters

EastEnders is set to air a shock kiss between two characters next week on the hit soap after viewers had predicted an affair twist. In upcoming scenes, Vinny Panesar worries as mum Suki Panesar shows the signs of stress and exhaustion as Priya Nandra-Hart and Ravi Gulati row at No.41. Things go from bad to worse when he discovers she never picked up her prescription for anti-depressants from the doctor.

EastEnders is set to air a shock kiss between two characters next week on the hit soap 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Later, Nish Panesar steps in to resolve a problem with Avani’s passport and grateful Priya tells her daughter she will make sure he loves having them around. However, when Priya passionately kisses him, Nish is horrified – especially when he realises Suki and Vinny are stood in the doorway.

Things take an explosive turn when Nish is appalled when Suki accuses him of enjoying the kiss and tells Priya to pack her bags. Later, at the Minute Mart, Suki is cut deep to see Eve happy with her new lady, Tessa, and she convinces Nish to give Priya another chance so they can keep their granddaughter close. Suki does this so she can have lots of family around and doesn’t have to be alone with him.

Later, a confused Vinny privately questions Suki on why she is being so forgiving, to which she laments her unhappy marriage and how much she hates Nish. Realising how unhappy his mother is, a devastated Vinny tells Suki that if she wants to be with Eve, he won’t stand in her way.

After getting her son’s approval, Suki asks Eve if they can talk and tells her that Vinny has given his blessing to them being together. However, Eve admits she doesn’t want to go back to a closeted relationship now she’s got Tessa. Despite the heartbreak, Suki later tells Vinny she’s going to leave Nish and start a new life.

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