BBC EastEnders clues none of The Six are Christmas killer: Secret seventh suspect to Sharon scene

EastEnders viewers have been sharing their theories over who the killer is this Christmas, but certain hints could confirm that none of The Six will turn out to be the culprit on the BBC soap

EastEnders viewers are desperate to find out who the killer is this Christmas, and who dies on the BBC soap.

But one theory emerging every now and again is that the murderer is not one of the six female suspects, known as The Six. Stacey Slater, Sharon Watts, Linda Carter, Denise Fox, Kathy Beale and Suki Panesar are all at the scene of the crime and appear to have been in some sort of showdown.

The body of a mystery male character is seen lying on the ground, with Sharon declaring he is dead after trying to find a pulse. Of course there is a lot of speculation regarding who dies, how and why.

There’s also a load of motives floating around with predictions on why each suspect could the the killer. But what if none of the women are the person that claims a life this Christmas? Here are some of the clues that hint another character could be involved…

EastEnders viewers have been sharing their theories over who the killer is this Christmas

EastEnders viewers have been sharing their theories over who the killer is this Christmas 



Seventh suspect theory

Viewers have long suspected there could be one or even more characters apart from The Six in the scene. There’s the significance of the dress colours and the fact these colours keep popping up in scenes.

There’s also the hints of other colours that aren’t associated with a dress worn by any of The Six, leaving fans convinced there could be other suspects. In the Christmas scene, fans think Sharon looks up as if she is talking to someone in front of her, when all of The Six are behind her.

The death happens at The Queen Vic, and fans are curious as to where the Knights are during the murder given this is their home. So might one or all of them be involved?

The Six’s reactions

Something about the looks on the faces of the suspects in the flashforward scene could hint that none of them are the killer. All of them look worried, shocked and scared, some more than others.

Stacey is in complete shock, while Linda walks into the room and gasps. The other ladies also look shocked too, so it could quite easily mean they have witnessed something unexpected or walked in on something they were not meant to see.

Could they have simply stumbled across the body? Could they see someone commit the crime and be left reeling? The death is seemingly unplanned, but none of the characters in the scene look as though they’ve just killed someone so perhaps they haven’t!

The blood

Sharon has blood across her wedding dress

Sharon has blood across her wedding dress 



Something about the blood in the flashforward scene has also sparked confusion. Sharon has blood across her wedding dress in the clip, but it’s in a bit of a weird position.

It’s not on an injury, we assume, so has to be someone else’s blood. It also looks like it’s on her dress as a result of her leaning against blood, whether that be on an item or a person.

But what doesn’t make sense is that she goes over to the body after the person is dead with the blood already on her, so it can’t have transferred onto her dress during that moment. Stacey also has blood all over her hands, almost like she’s placed them over a wound or has placed her hands in blood – is it too much of a red herring to suggest it is a result of her attacking someone?

Return twist

Dean returned

Dean returned 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Viewers are convinced that some recent returns, and hints of more comebacks, could suggest more people are involved. Cindy Beale recently returned to Walford after being presumed dead for over 20 years, and she has links to The Vic.

Viewers think it would be a missed opportunity to not have the former villain kill someone at Christmas. Then there’s Sam Mitchell, who is also making her comeback. She actually featured in a past murder plot at The Vic years ago, so could history repeat itself?

Fans are also convinced Shirley Carter will return amid her son Dean’s comeback to the show. Could Shirley return and kill Dean, leading to The Six covering up her crime?

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