BBC EastEnders Dean romance with soap beauty ‘sealed’ — but fans issue warning to character

EXCLUSIVE: EastEnders’ Dean Wicks has made plenty of enemies since his return - but it’s now been claimed that he could be striking up a romance with an unlikely Walford resident

EastEnders fans reckon Dean Wicks will be striking up a romance with Gina Knight on the square — and they are not happy.

The bad guy, played by Matt Di Angelo, made his shock return to the square at Halloween. Since then, he has done nothing but torment Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) who he raped her in 2014.

Linda’s mum’s boyfriend George Knight (Colin Salmon) ended up punching Dean and caused him to fall down the stairs. But then Dean threatened to tell the police that George had deliberately attacked him.

Due to George already being on a GBH suspended sentence, Linda agreed to go along with Dean’s demand that she falsely confesses to lying about being raped. Linda went along with it and told him she lied about the assault – unaware he was recording everything.

Dean has made plenty of enemies since his return (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)
And in episodes this week, Dean played the recording in the Queen Vic for everyone to hear. Heartbroken, Linda then broke her sobriety and turned to drink in heartbreaking scenes.

The following day, square residents Whitney Dean and Jean Slater (Shona McGarty and Gillian Wright) assured Linda that nobody believed Dean. But it seems that wasn’t quite true.

It appears Gina doesn’t believe Linda

Linda’s soon to be step-sister Gina Knight (Francesca Henry) has recently been sympathising with Dean. And even the secret recording left her conflicted.

She headed over to visit Dean where he told her to go away. And after lamenting how he had no one left, Gina told him she was there for him. When asked by Dean if she believes him over Linda, she confessed that she does.

Fans reckon the two will strike up a relationship (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Now, fans and AI reckon the two could end up getting together, in what would be a shock move on the soap. Daily Star has quizzed one of the world’s most popular artificially intelligent “creative” tools Bard AI to see if Gina and Dean could star a romance in EastEnders.

The program responded: “It is possible that Dean and Gina will start a relationship”. AI explained: “The two characters have had several scenes together in which they have flirted and shared a connection.”

Fans are worried for Gina (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

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Fans on X, formerly known as Twitter, have echoed AI’s thoughts. And plenty are fearing Gina could become Dean’s next victim.

“Is Gina as stupid as she looks? She’s falling for Dean’s sh*t?. Let’s see how long it is until she’s dropped her knickers for him,” said one viewer. Someone else added: “Gina continues to bond with Dean, even going so far as to tell him she believes him over Linda. Worried for her, for sure…”

A third quipped: “Why am I thinking Dean will rape Gina next.” Another viewer penned: “Gina is just the most unlikeable character ever. She’s had a stick up her butt from the moment she walked in. Now she’s defending a rapist? Something tells me she’s about to find out the hard way.”

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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