BBC EastEnders Dean’s horror reason for return ‘confirmed’ as fans gasping at comeback

EastEnders’ villain Dean Wicks made a shock return to the soap in Monday’s episode (October 30) and now the actor has revealed the real reason behind the character’s comeback

EastEnders fans were left with their jaws on the floor after villain Dean Wicks made a shock return to the soap.

The soap bad guy, played by Matt Di Angelo, hasn’t been seen in the famous square for seven years. But Dean was back in Monday’s (October 30) Halloween instalment.

As fans will recall he raped Linda Carter in 2014. Dean was then driven out of Walford by his family in 2016.

But in the latest episode, he made his shock return. At the end of the programme, Linda was tidying up the kitchen at the Vic when suddenly, she was greeted by Dean standing in the hallway.

Linda was stunned to see Dean back
In typical soap fashion, the episode ended right there. But fans were quick to share their thoughts on Dean’s comeback.

Over on X, formerly known as Twitter, one person said: “Hated that Dean skulked upstairs and then cornered Linda in the very room he attacked her in – that was just awful. Poor Linda!!.”

The actor has revealed why Dean has returned

A second chimed in and added: “Dean!!!!!! Once again – the Vic having THE most lax security in the universe ! Absolutely anyone can walk into the upstairs areas!.” A a third quipped: “Holy sh*t.”

Actor Matt has also revealed the reason for his return to Walford. He said: “In all honesty, he doesn’t want to come back to Walford.

“He’s sort of forced back there because his daughter, Jade is very ill. She has cystic fibrosis and needs a transplant, which has to be done at the hospital nearby.

Dean’s also now in business with the Beale’s (Image: We Love TV)

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“Dean has to live there so he’s on call for her appointments and in case the transplant comes through, and they need to move fast.”

He added: “He’s reluctant because he knows the repercussions of returning, but ultimately, he has to help his family. Dean also needs to make a living whilst he’s there, so he’s invested in a new business, which will be revealed as Cindy and Ian’s new pie and mash shop, Beale’s Eels.”

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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