BBC EastEnders exit fears as fans threaten to ‘riot’ if major character dies

EastEnders fans are in uproar as it appears two major characters could be killed off after they were seen being dragged out of Kathy’s cafe unconscious next to firefighters

EastEnders fans fear two major characters will be killed off after watching Bobby and Peter Beale be dragged unconscious from a blazing inferno at Kathy’s Café.

Thursday’s episode (November 9) saw Rocky tamper with the electrics and start a fire before heading to Walford East for his date with Kathy. A panicked Bobby saw the fire blazing inside the café and tried to put it out, but it exploded, trapping a now unconscious Bobby inside.

The news of the fire reached Kathy and Rocky, and he, along with Peter, rushed to help Bobby. The roof collapsed injuring all three of them, and while Rocky woke up in hospital, Kathy revealed that Bobby and Peter were in the Intensive Care Unit.

Not only that, but Peter was in a bad way and on a ventilator. Now fans fear the BBC soap will kill of at least one of the relatively new and likeable Walford residents.

Taking to X, one wrote: “Have a horrible feeling that Peter might die. Hope this doesn’t happen though. Lauren has already lost Abi she can’t lose Peter too.” Another agreed: “Peter on ventilation chai he’s as good as dead. No word on Bobby yet. Serious blood on Rocky’s hands.”

Bobby tried to put out the fire (Image: BBC)

A third said: “If Peter or Bobby die, I will riot.,” and a fourth viewer guessed: “OMG Peter. Dies/get seriously f***ing injured desperately tryna save Bobby?” as a fifth wrote: “Wait… all the spoilers say Cindy is heartbroken after the fire, what if Peter dies saving Bobby.”

Actor Brian Conley, who plays Rocky Cotton has paid an emotional tribute to his co-star ahead of his confirmed exit. The actor has said he is sad to be leaving his on-screen wife Gillian Taylforth, who plays Kathy Cotton, behind.

Bobby is also feared dead (Image: BBC)

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The duo have played on-screen partners for the past two years and their characters got married back in July. However, recently on the programme, their marriage hasn’t been going too well due to Rocky’s gambling addiction.

In an attempt to solve his debt issues, he set the local café on fire to try and claim on the insuranc and pay back Nish. He told OK! “It was a tough decision but it is true that I am going, I made it for many reasons. It was tough as they are such a wonderful crowd in front and behind the cameras and I have loved my three years there.”

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