BBC EastEnders ‘explains Albie DNA mix-up’ after dad twist as Sharon left reeling

EastEnders spoilers have revealed what may have led to Sharon Watts' DNA blunder after the true discovery of who Albie's dad is, with Keanu Taylor not his real father

An EastEnders spoiler clip has teased what led to Sharon Watts’s DNA mix-up, following the truth about son Albie’s paternity being revealed.

The BBC soap aired a huge twist this week, as hospital tests confirmed that Keanu Taylor was not Albie’s biological father. Sharon realised her ex Phil Mitchell was likely the real dad, after a possible mix-up with a DNA test almost four years ago.

Back in 2019, Sharon fell pregnant while married to Phil after an affair with Keanu. Sharon did a home DNA test before the birth of her son, and it concluded Phil was not the dad, so Keanu was.

But fastforward three years, and it’s now been revealed the test was wrong and that Keanu is not Albie’s biological father after all. With Sharon with Phil at the time, he has to be the dad of Albie.

Now, a teaser clip has revealed the likely cause of the DNA mix-up, and how Sharon ended up wrongly believing Phil was not the baby’s dad. In a preview for the next episode, Sharon is told by the doctor that the tests they have carried out are accurate.

EastEnders spoilers have revealed what may have led to Sharon Watts' DNA blunder

EastEnders spoilers have revealed what may have led to Sharon Watts’ DNA blunder 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

However, it seems the home test she did back in 2019 may have been wrong. The doctor said that those tests are not always accurate, and he also suggested that the DNA sample may have been contaminated and therefore not valid.

As Sharon argued that she had done a DNA test, the doctor told her: “With all due respect Ms Watts, some home tests are better than others and there is always the chance of cross-contamination.” Sharon hit back: “No, I did exactly what they told me to. You have made a mistake, Albie can’t be Phil’s.”

The doctor added: “Ms Watts please, I am sorry you are upset. I am very confident in our testing and results. I think it would be wise to accept them.”

Viewers will have to the in to find out whether Sharon tells Keanu and Phil the truth, or if she keeps it to herself. It comes amid an explosive kidnap storyline that saw Keanu kidnap Albie recently, while pretending he had been held at ransom.

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