EastEnders: Denise to hire Lucas to kill Jack, a new fan theory predicts

What does Denise want from Lucas?

EastEnders' Denise, Jack, Lucas, the background of the Thames

Yesterday’s episode of EastEnders (Wednesday, January 31), saw a surprise return air on screen as Denise visited Lucas Johnson in prison.

After having an emotional breakdown, Denise got herself a visiting order and met up with her killer ex.

A new EastEnders fan theory has now predicted that Denise has a sinister motive for staring her past in the face.

EastEnders' Lucas is serious
Lucas returned to screens (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Denise visited Lucas in prison

Last night in Walford, Denise continued to struggle with the events of Christmas Day.

She started to experience hallucinations of Keanu, unable to shake him from her thoughts.

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Unable to hide how she was feeling, Denise started to breakdown in front of her family and friends.

Realising that she needed to seek help from somewhere, Denise then made a visit to the prison.

At the end of the episode, Denise sat down and came face to face with murderer, Lucas Johnson.

He wondered what she was doing there. But, how can Lucas help Denise with her inner turmoil?

Jack has been cheating on Denise with Stacey (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fan theory: Lucas to help kill Jack?

Jack Branning has been cheating on Denise with Stacey whilst his wife is going through a mental health crisis.

One EastEnders fan theory reckons that Denise will soon ask Lucas to help her finish Jack off, getting revenge for his affair.

One person commented: “I hope Denise had gone to Lucas to ask him to bump off Jack. Man was mad in love with her and would do anything for her, unlike DCI Buzz Lightyear.”

Surely Denise’s conscience couldn’t handle this? (Credit: BBC)

Will Lucas help Denise finish off Jack?

Stacey and Jack may be having an affair, but surely Denise won’t want Jack dead, right? She’s already completely haunted by the death of Keanu – and she didn’t even personally kill him.

Has Denise got it in her to arrange the death of Jack though? Has she completely lost it? What’s the reason behind her prison visit?

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