BBC EastEnders ‘fake death’ plot ‘exposed’ as fans predict Christmas murder twist

EastEnders fans saw Eve Unwin fall into a trap by evil Nish Panesar, who confronted her about a secret relationship with his wife Suki Panesar but fans don't think we've seen the last of her

EastEnders fans are predicting a “fake death” plotline involving Eve Unwin, after she was left for dead by Nish Panesar.

In the latest twist of events, viewers watched as Eve unwittingly walked into a trap set up by villain Nish after he found out about her affair with his wife, Suki. Eve, believing she was meeting Suki, went to Walford East where she encountered Nish, who aggressively accused her of luring Suki away from him.

In response, Eve defended their relationship, revealing they were in love and had even planned to elope that night. After mocking Nish and dubbing him a “controlling bitter little man” and accusing him of coercive control, Nish, driven by rage, attacked Eve with a bottle and left her seemingly lifeless.

He then instructed his son, Ravi, to ensure her death, sparking speculation among the show’s fans about a major plot twist. One viewer speculated: “I just don’t think Eve will die, Ravi definitely won’t do it. He’ll probably tell Eve to leave and then Nish will just think she’s dead.” A second added: “Ravi should call the old bill on Nish. But he will probably do his bidding until she wakes up and has to flee Walford.

(Image: BBC)

“Obviously, she will return and more than likely be the 7th woman, and she’s the one who kills Nish.” A third penned: “I feel like Ravi will help Eve fake her death and then she will return on Christmas or afterwards # EastEnders.”

Nish discovered their affair after watching CCTV footage at the mini mart in a bid to figure out why the till was £200 down. Once home, he stole Suki’s phone and saw their passionate exchanges before impersonating Suki and texting Eve asking to meet at Walford East.

Nish attacked Eve leaving her for dead (Image: BBC)

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But fans were slamming certain parts of the episode after spotted several flaws in the plot. Many questioned how Nish was able to get into Suki’s phone without a password – something everyone has, and especially if you’re having an affair.

“Sorry but who has an affair and doesn’t have a password and a fake name for said person,” blasted one fan. Another penned: “How can you be having an affair without a password on your phone?”

A third echoed: “Honestly now Suki behaves like a dunce why would you leave your phone just laying around with no password like are you dumb?”

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday on BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 7.30pm

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