BBC EastEnders fans ask ‘where have they been’ as major characters ‘return’ to soap

EastEnders fans were left scratching their heads when two Albert Square residents from the BBC soap appeared in the latest episode after vanishing from their screens

EastEnders fans were left baffled on Monday’s episode (November 6) after some long-standing characters seemed to finally reappear from the abyss.

Kat Slater and Phil Mitchell were seen rushing to Sharon Watt’s side after she was distraught over her son Albie’s kidnapping. As they burst through the door having just learned of the news, they offered to help and fork out £50k in ransom money.

But some fans were left confused as the pair haven’t been seen on Albert Square for “ages”. Fans took to X, with one commenting: “Where have Phil and Kat been hiding? Feels like we haven’t seen them for ages # EastEnders.”


Kat made a return to the soap (Image: BBC)

A second added: “why have i not seen kat and phil in months?” while a third penned: “Where tf have Phil and Kat been.” The search for Albie continued in Walford as residents joined the police in an attempt to track him down.

At No.43, Sharon concealed the £50,000 ransom note from the police as she feared for Albie’s safety but later revealed all to Kat and Phil. Karen fumed at Keanu and worried about the consequences of the fake kidnapping before secretly dropped a second ransom note detailing a time and location for the cash.

Phil is back (Image: BBC)

Sharon reasoned they had to go along with the kidnapper’s wishes for fear they would hurt Albie, but Phil suggested he would drop the money and deal with the lowlife who took him. Keanu refused, wanting to do the drop, but Phil insisted on going with him. Sharon agreed as Keanu realized that his actions were about to be rumbled.

Sharon accepted their money (Image: BBC)

Rocky had been desperate to find the funds to pay back his loan, but Nish had other ideas about payment– he wanted Rocky to steal a car from the car lot. Rocky had agreed, but after a heartfelt chat with Jay about life following his near-fatal car accident, he decided against it.

Realizing his time was up, Rocky headed to the Vic to come clean to Kathy about his debt, but a conversation with Sonia sparked one last idea about insurance fraud.

Cindy and Ian had reluctantly made plans for the renovation of their new shop ‘Beale’s Eels,’ but the Knights were appalled by their new business plans.

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