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BBC EastEnders fans convinced Keanu isn’t dead after spotting Christmas murder ‘clue’

EastEnders viewers are claiming Christmas murder victim Keanu Taylor isn't actually dead and could make a shocking return to the BBC soap in what would be a huge twist

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BBC EastEnders fans believe that recently murdered Keanu Taylor might not be dead after all.

Viewers saw the mechanic looking lifeless after being stabbed by Linda Carter during the much-anticipated Christmas Day episode. It seemed like he’d met his gruesome end, but fans claim his death wasn’t actually confirmed in the episode, meaning he could still come back.

Fans were initially focused on Denise Fox as the perpetrator, accused of murdering Nish Panesar with a bottle. However, the truth finally unraveled in stunning scenes that fans have dubbed the ‘best episode of the soap ever aired’.

The Christmas special saw the six characters gather at the Queen Vic, where they confronted Nish in a dramatic showdown. As tensions escalated, Nish attempted to forcibly remove his wife, Suki, by her hair. The women rallied to her defense, culminating in Denise striking a bottle against Nish’s head.

BBC EastEnders fans believe that recently murdered Keanu Taylor might be poised for a miraculous return to the soap (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)
As he lay wounded on the floor, onlookers gasped in disbelief. Sharon knelt beside him, appearing to confirm his lifeless state with a pulse check. Nonetheless, the dramatic scene took an unexpected turn when Keanu, reeling from the recent revelations about not being Albie’s dad, barged in on the chaos.

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Sharon, having exposed the shocking truth that Phil was the father of his son, bore the brunt of Keanu’s anger. He began strangling Sharon before a desperate Linda stabbed Keanu in the back, leaving him sprawled on the floor.

Despite being stabbed, fans believe Keanu could still be alive (Image: BBC)

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Suki then entered the fray, proclaiming Nish was alive, only to be confronted with Keanu’s lifeless body. In the aftermath of the dramatic scenes, ardent viewers remain unconvinced that Keanu is really dead.

On X, fans took to sharing their doubts and speculations regarding the character’s fate. One user quipped: “Is Keanu actually dead, though? The Six never confirmed lol – the whole storyline was based on Sharon confirming Nish was dead, but he is alive. # EastEnders.”

Linda was finally revealed as the killer

Another speculated, “I mean they haven’t actually said Keanu is dead… is there another twist?!” A third penned: “Is Keanu actually dead or is it gonna be a thing where he pops out of nowhere 10 years later like Kathy?,” and one more fan guessed: “He ain’t dead, he’ll be in it either tomorrow or New Year’s Eve/new year day episode.”

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday on BBC One at 7.30pm

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