BBC EastEnders fans distracted from major character exit by huge schedule shake-up

EastEnders fans were ecstatic to be treated to an unusual Friday airing of the BBC soap as Karen Taylor finally waved goodbye to the square after being busted for kidnapping plot

EastEnders fans were relishing in a rare Friday episode tonight (December 8) as Karen Taylor finally made her dramatic exit from the square.

The BBC soap, which usually airs Monday – Thursday, showed a fifth episode amid a series of explosive storylines and Albert Square says goodbye to an iconic character. Karen was seen packing her bags are fleeing the square with Phil Mitchell’s cash after she was discovered faking Albie’s kidnapping to coax money from Sharon.

Having taken the blame and left Keanu in the clear, she fears being sent to prison if she hangs around much longer, as she plans to steal Phil’s money and disappear forever. “glad we have a Friday’s episode tonight, but sad don’t want to say goodbye to Karen,” said one fan.


Karen Taylor waved goodbye to the square (Image: BBC)

“It’s time for Friday’s visit to Albert Square as Karen Taylor says goodbye to Walford,” penned a second. A third added: “Honestly I just hate what they’ve done to Karen she was such an iconic character and now they’ve made her pathetic.”

Mitch had begged Karen to stay and fight, but she had refused and asked him to come away with her and the kids. Mitch had confronted Keanu in the Square where terrible home truths had been said.

Keanu is hiding his involvement from Sharon and Phil (Image: BBC)

Harvey and Rocky had rallied round Mitch in The Vic and had advised him to stand by his woman. Mitch had rushed off to stop Karen before she had gone. They had finally admitted they loved each other and had left together, as horrified Keanu had realized they’d taken Phil’s cash with them.

Kathy had gone to see Sonia, who had been waiting for an update from Reiss on Debbie’s condition. Sonia had been ashamed as she had confided in Kathy that she had felt haunted by Debbie and had feared their IVF attempt would be scuppered by this latest emergency.

Mitch decided to leave with Karen (Image: BBC)

Later, broken Reiss had returned home after a difficult night at his wife’s bedside, and Sonia had comforted him. Stacey had remained uneasy about Eve’s silence and had gone to see Suki to ask if Nish might have known about their affair and taken revenge on her.

In particular, Stacey had believed it was out of character for Eve not to check in with her about how the kids were. Later, Stacey had gone to Jack to ask for his help in tracking down Eve, and he had agreed to help her.

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