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BBC EastEnders fans say ‘enough’ as they point out ‘issue’ with ‘repetitive’ storylines

EastEnders viewers are convinced a third character on the BBC One soap is set to be diagnosed with cancer, marking three similar storylines in less than one year

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EastEnders fans are predicting a new cancer storyline on the soap as fans claim the show has had “too many” cancer plots.

Fans remember Lola Pearce passed away earlier this year from cancer after suffering from a brain tumour. And just a few months ago, it was revealed that Alfie Moon had contracted Prostate Cancer as he disappeared from the square for treatment and undergoes radiation treatment.

As his life hangs in the balance, fans now fear a third victim of the deadly disease could be on the horizon after Sharon and Keanu’s son, Albie, has had concerning results to a blood test. As fans await the results from the doctor on tomorrow’s episode (November 15) many took to social media to blast the show for doing too many cancer storylines in one year.


Alfie has cancer (Image: BBC)

“3 cancer storylines in one year?” penned one fan in anticipated of Albie’es results? “Two cancer storylines in one year though” a second added, referring to Lola and Alfie.

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While a third added: “We all agree the show is on fire right now, here’s my main issue WHY SO MUCH CANCER? it’s been consistent cancer storylines or cancer scares from Jean, Stuart, Lola and now Alfie. Enough!”

Lola died of cancer last year (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Elsewhere, News of Kathy’s arrest was rife on the Square as she remained at the police station, having been questioned through the night. Kathy refused a solicitor, but after hours of questioning, she started to regret her decision.

Elsewhere, a guilty Rocky was accosted by Harvey, who encouraged him to come clean. Rocky headed to the police station, but he lied that the fire started due to his poor DIY.

Fans fear Albie may be next (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Kathy was released, and the pair headed for a drink in The Vic where Harvey told Rocky their friendship was over. After figuring out Rocky’s involvement in the fire, Nish agreed to stay quiet and clear Rocky of his debt if he could convince Kathy to sell the café to him for a reduced price.

Sharon and Keanu told Mitch and Bernadette about their engagement as they prepared to celebrate in The Vic. Sharon tried to persuade Karen to join the celebrations, but she refused.

Back at No.43, Sharon was worried when she received a phone call from the hospital requesting an urgent appointment to discuss Albie’s test results. Cindy continued to blame everyone for what had happened to Peter and horrified Ian with her comments when she told Bobby she wished he was dead.

After learning about her visit with George and her involvement with Kathy’s arrest, Ian wondered what the point of them being together was.

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