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BBC EastEnders fans figure out Christmas death victim as villain returns to square

EastEnders viewers are convinced the return of Dean Wicks is setting the scene for a major shock this Christmas after Linda Carter drops a major clue about who will be killed off

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BBC EastEnders fans believed they’ve rumbled the identity of the Christmas death victim after and old villain returned to the square.

Linda Carter was utterly stunned and terrified to see Dean Wicks, who is Mick’s brother, and was part of a dramatic storyline where she was violently raped by him in 2014. He eventually left Walford after facing a backlash from his family in 2016.

After revealing he was back to pursue an opportunity as the Beale family’s new business partner, a horrified Linda shared intense scenes with Dean as he accused her making his life difficult following her accusations of rape before she was seen holding up a knife and screaming at him to “get out”.

(Image: BBC)Fans now believe this scene was foreshadowing what’s to come as speculation mounts over who will be the victim this Christmas. “#eastenders Would have been good if Dean had come back with a bit of humility but I guess he’s in the mix for the Christmas murder victim ,” said one fan.

Another penned: “Now who is thinking that Dean Wicks gets murdered at Christmas.” A third also added: “Okay do we think Dean is the one who dies at Christmas but in a twist Shirley returns and is the one who kills him out of ultimate loyalty to Linda and Mick and #TheSix each play a role in the cover-up?!

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Linda came afce to face with her rapist (Image: BBC)

Elsewhere, Sharon waited for Dorian to return and was surprised to discover that Keanu was there to back her up. Dorian arrived flanked by heavies to collect his cash and warned Sharon that if she went to the police, he knew where she and Albie lived.

Keanu walked Sharon home, and while she was distracted, he started to put his plan into action. At home, Keanu showed Karen he had taken Albie’s passport – they were leaving tomorrow.

Linda held a knife and told him to leave (Image: BBC)

At Jay’s hospital bedside, Ben tried to make sense of what had happened. They had a deep, emotional conversation where Jay finally opened up about the depths of his despair.

Elsewhere, Rocky was in turmoil as he contemplated how to cope with his mounting debts, as Kathy remained oblivious. Harvey tried to provide a shoulder to cry on, but Rocky was in too deep.

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