BBC EastEnders fans mock new ‘cartoon’ baddie in cringe-worthy gangster scene

Fans of EastEnders have slammed the BBC show’s latest villain as a “cartoon” character after Sam returned and revealed she owed a lot of money as she begged Phil for help

EastEnders fans are mocking the BBC show’s latest villain as fans draw comparisons to a “cartoon” character baddie.

After efforts to get Phil to reconsider fail, fans saw Sam run into drug boss Camillo, who grabbed her by the arm and threatened her. Kat witnessed the event and rushed to get Phil and Billy to help. But fans couldn’t help but notice that bad boy Camillo was a “textbook” baddie and pleaded with bosses to do better.

“Excellent swarthy baddie with accent on Eastenders!! Textbook…,” said one fan.” Another mocked him telling Sam and Phil “I’ll be back” much like bad boy Arnold Schwarzenegger.


EastEnders fans are mocking the BBC show’s latest villain, drug boss Camillo (Image: BBC)

“I’ll be back The man sounded like Arnie Schwarzenegger then Can’t take him seriously.” A third griped: “I can’t take that man threatening Sam seriously do better EE,” while a fourth penned: “Sorry but Camillo is basically a cartoon character villain from a bond movie or summit #eastenders.”

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Faced with his sister getting hurt, Phil caves in and promises to get Camillo his money, as long as she works for him until she pays off her £100k debt. Elsewhere, Linda brooded on Dean’s demands that she admit she lied about him raping her and was horrified when Elaine made it clear she wanted her to say whatever it took to get George off the hook.

Sam owes money to foreign the bad boy (Image: BBC)

However, George told Linda not to do it – he would take what was coming to him. The Knight girls put pressure on Cindy to change her story or lose them forever.

Later, a traumatized Linda went to do Dean’s bidding, unaware he had recorded everything she had said. Alone after Linda left, Dean triumphantly played her false confession to himself.

Faced with his sister getting hurt, Phil caves in and promises to get Camillo his money (Image: BBC)Nish had stuck his nose into Minute Mart business, enraging an increasingly desperate Suki. Eve had spotted the argument, and Suki had asked if they could talk.

Suki had revealed that Vinny had given his blessing to them being together, but Eve hadn’t wanted to go back to a closeted relationship now that she had Tessa. Later, Suki had told Vinny that she was going to leave Nish and start a new life.

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