BBC EastEnders fans ‘reveal’ resident framed for Keanu’s murder – but it’s not Nish

EastEnders fans think they have figured out which of the Walford residents could get into trouble for Keanu Taylor's Christmas Day death after Linda stabbed the mechanic

EastEnders fans believe they know which Walford resident will be framed for Keanu Taylor’s murder.

Soap fans watched in horror as Linda Carter stabbed the mechanic on Christmas Day (December 25) in the Queen Vic after he tried to strangle his bride Sharon Watts to death. Linda managed to get her hands on a carving fork and did the deadly deed in order to protect her friend.

And Denise smashed a bottle over Nish’s head, leaving him fighting for his life, after he confronted the women at the pub. Although he was breathing, things weren’t looking good for him at all.

Boxing Day’s tense episode saw The Six struggle to decide what to do with Keanu’s body and how to evade getting caught by the cops. They decided to make a plan and had hoped to frame Keanu for what happened to Nish.

Fans reckon George could be framed for Keanu’s death (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)
They decided to come up with an alibi and hide Keanu’s body in the cafe. However, fans reckon their actions were foolish and it’ll lead to another innocent resident getting thrown behind bars.

They believe George Knight could be found guilty for the murder as The Six – Stacey Slater, Suki Kaur Panesar, Linda, Sharon, Denise Fox and Kathy Beale – moved Keanu’s body into his car. It meant Keanu’s DNA and blood was everywhere in the vehicle, thus connectingGeorge to the killing.

Linda stabbed Keanu in the back (Image: BBC)

One viewer on X, formerly Twitter, wrote: “I think the cover up attempt was so sloppy. CCTV cameras on the square & in shops wouldve seen them carry the body across the square, their DNA is all over Keanu & the item used to wrap him around (& dna can stay for years) & their cover up stories make no sense.

The Six used George’s car to move Keanu’s body (Image: BBC)

“If anything, George may get in trouble because Keanu’s DNA is in his car & his prints would be on the weapon.”

EastEnders boss Chris Clenshaw has revealed that Keanu’s murder will haunt The Six in the coming months. “The events of Christmas Day lead to The Six – Stacey, Suki, Linda, Sharon, Denise and Kathy – being bound together and it’s safe to say that none of their lives will ever be the same again.”

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