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BBC EastEnders ‘rumble’ deadly plot as Penny and Jack’s real link to Juliette ‘exposed’

EastEnders viewers think Jack Branning may share a link to newcomer Juliette Dubois, after it was revealed the ruthless newcomer was in cahoots with Jack's daughter Penny Branning

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EastEnders viewers think there’s more to come from new villain Juliette Dubois, and Jack Branning could be in danger.

On New Year’s Day, BBC soap viewers were introduced to newcomer Juliette, played by actress Lily Catalifo, in scenes involving returning characters Lauren Branning, Penny Branning and Louie Beale. It soon emerged she was someone who wasn’t to be messed with, and it’s clear Penny is in big trouble.

Juliette claimed to be Penny’s boss, telling Lauren they worked together while she did not give any details. That said Lauren was spooked, especially as Juliette was seen with young Louie – no doubt a threat to Penny.

Penny asked what Juliette wanted from her, and the intentions were clear. Juliette seemed to make a death threat at Penny or Louie, before revealing she had a client that could not be let down.

The pair talked of an incident when “Penny last lied to her” in the past, not revealing what had happened but it sounded bad. Penny also seemed to hint she’d had a close call, fearing she would end up in prison. Juliette didn’t care though, telling Penny she needed her to do a job for her to avoid disappointing her again. Later in the episode, Lauren was arrested at the airport after drugs were found in her bag, seemingly planted by Penny.

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Penny had been avoiding Juliette but now Lauren was caught up in their dodgy dealings. More is set to come out about the plot this week it seems, while Penny is now back in the UK and heading to Walford to get away from her apparent boss. But watching the episode unfold, some fans predicted deadly scenes could follow with Juliette possibly bringing drama to Walford. Asides that, another theory saw viewers convinced Juliette may somehow be linked to Penny’s dad Jack.

Juliette claimed to be Penny's boss

Juliette claimed to be Penny’s boss 



While it doesn’t seem to be the case with Jack, given Juliette didn’t know Penny’s father was a police officer until Louie told her, could she somehow be linked to the character via another character from his past? After all, Penny was injured in a revenge attack against Jack which left her paralysed from the waist down when she was a child.

Penny suffered a major spinal injury after she was hit by a car deliberately, driven by an associate of a drugs lord who corrupt officer Jack unintentionally betrayed. Viewers took to X with their theories, with one writing: “Penny is obviously doing dodgy stuff with Juliette.”

Another fan wrote: “Also I wonder if Juliette will arrive on the Square at some point? This is what makes me think that Penny could be part of a mafia or drugs ring because there could be someone in the UK involved too.” A third fan added: “Got the feeling this isn’t just a one-off ‘big return’ plot for Penny, Juliette’s going to be back and possibly we could meet Kenny Nelson, the drugs baron Jack was on the take from. Penny is also great.”

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