BBC EastEnders fans ‘rumble’ graffiti culprit in Dean twist – and it’s ‘not Linda or Gina’

EastEnders viewers think they know which resident spray painted the word 'rapist' on Dean Wicks' restaurant as he accused Linda Carter of being the culprit on the BBC soap

EastEnders viewers have worked out, they believe, who graffitied the restaurant owned by the Beales and Dean Wicks, with the word ‘rapist’ sprawled in red paint.

Viewers saw a mystery character carry out the vandalism on the front of the building on Thursday night. On Monday, restaurant opening day, Dean was mortified to find the word ‘rapist’ on his business.

Of course viewers like Walford residents know that Dean raped Linda Carter on the BBC soap back in 2014, but he got away with the crime. Dean left a couple of years after, but recently he returned to Walford and claimed the pair had has consensual sex, and that Linda was lying.

While the Beales claim they are stuck in a business deal with Dean after contracts were signed, several residents have demanded Dean leave Walford. On Monday he came across the vandalism and immediately accused Linda, even threatening to sue her.

EastEnders viewers think they know which resident spray painted the word 'rapist' on Dean Wicks' restaurant

EastEnders viewers think they know which resident spray painted the word ‘rapist’ on Dean Wicks’ restaurant 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

As several residents supported Linda and slammed Dean, Gina Knight even took the blame and claimed she was behind the incident, leaving Dean threatening to have her arrested. But viewers are convinced something about a scene on Thursday may reveal who really vandalised the restaurant.

Viewers noticed that whoever spray painted the window was wearing a green bomber jacket. While a number of characters wear this type of coat, one resident in particular is seen wearing this very jacket constantly.

Ricky Mitchell owns the same jacket shown in the scene, and fans now think he could be behind it. But other fans think his sister Amy might have borrowed the jacket, and perhaps wore it while she graffitied the window.

The culprit wore a green jacket

The culprit wore a green jacket 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

We had seen Amy upset earlier in the episode when she saw posters claiming Dean was a rapist, and knowing he dated her late mother Rocky Mitchell she had questions. Her father Jack Branning was forced to tell her about Dean attempting to rape Roxy when they were together, leaving her devastated.

Now, fans think she may have retaliated by vandalising the restaurant in her brother’s jacket. Taking to X, formerly Twitter, one viewer said: “I think it’s Amy wearing Little Ricky’s coat!!”

Another agreed: “It’s Amy,” as a third viewer said: “Amy not alfie.” A fourth fan of the BBC soap wrote: “Amy could have stolen it,” while another said: “It’s Amy she took her brothers coat.”

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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