BBC EastEnders fans ‘rumble’ Karen’s exit storyline during Albie kidnap chaos

EastEnders viewers believe they’ve figured out the reason Karen Taylor will exit the soap after she played a dramatic role in the false kidnapping of Keanu’s son Albie

EastEnders fans are convinced they’ve figured out Karen Taylor’s exit storyline.

It was confirmed that actress Lorraine Stanley would be leaving her role as Karen after six years, with her exit scenes to air at the end of this year. As fans saw Karen play along with the fake kidnapping of her grandson Albie to take revenge on Sharon, fans believe her web of lies will her thrown in the slammer and will explain her exit form the show.

“Is Karen’s exit storyline gonna be…she’s sent to prison for “kidnap” #Eastenders,” said one fan. “I reckon Karen gets found with albie and will get arrested for kidnap and she will leave to go to prison,” penned a second.


Fans think Karen is headed for the slammer (Image: BBC)

A third echoed: “Oh man i don’t wanna lose Karen great character bless she gets it, is this the exit where it could be heading too.” Sharon was distraught as the police launched an investigation into Albie’s disappearance, and the residents of Walford organized a search party.

Keanu told Karen to get Albie to Kandice’s and hide him there. After being quizzed by the police, Keanu went to Sharon and pointed out that Dorian had issued a threat to her and Albie.

Keanue hatched a kidnap plot (Image: BBC)

Horrified, Sharon realized that Dorian could be behind this and told the police, who immediately followed up on this line of inquiry. Later at home, Sharon and Keanu comforted each other when Zack found a note pushed through the door demanding £50,000 for Albie’s safe return.

Later, livid Karen gave Keanu an update about Albie and was stunned to hear what he had staged with the ransom note. She berated him for pulling such a crazy stunt and told him they would both go down for this because she was now in as deep as him.

Sharon is distraught (Image: BBC)

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Elsewhere in the episode, Harvey quizzed Rocky about what he intended to do to pay off Nish and was horrified to hear that Rocky was thinking of raiding his and Kathy’s joint account. When he spotted Rocky heading into the bookies, Harvey took drastic action.

Meanwhile, Ben feared Lexi would face more heartache as the police arrived at the hospital with questions about Jay’s accident. He was asked to volunteer a blood sample and he refused.

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