Ian and Cindy Beale hit by shock blow in EastEnders

IAN and Cindy Beale are dealt a shock blow next week in EastEnders.

The couple – who are played by actors Adam Woodyatt and Michelle Collins in the BBC soap – are determined to rebuild his business empire after they returned to Walford.

Ian and Cindy are facing a massive hurdle

Ian and Cindy are facing a massive hurdleCredit: BBC

Viewers watched last month as Cindy faced off against estranged husband George Knight in an effort to get half the cash from their Spanish bar.

But because it was owned by George and Cindy when she was going by her witness protection name of Rose, she’s in for a blow.

Next week Ian and Cindy’s plans for a pie and mash shop hits the skids when they discover there’s a problem with their plans.

In the café, Cindy, Peter and a hungover Ian discuss their potential investment opportunity but their conversation is cut short when Ian receives a shocking phone call – there is a competitor for the lease on the pawnbrokers which could scupper their plans.

Later, Ian heads to The Vic and attempts to use his heart attack as a sympathy card but his hopes come crashing down when Elaine rumbles Ian’s agenda.

There’s a further blow when George reveals that he and Cindy are not entitled to any money from the Marbella bar sale.

However while his business life is in the gutter, Ian’s family life is getting better.

Kathy reveals that she misses Ian in an emotional chat with Sharon.

Later Sharon hatches a plan to invite Ian to the café for wine, as she acts as a mediator.

It’s not long before Ian and Kathy resolve their issues as they share their love for one and other before drunkenly heading back to No.45 where Cindy and Kathy exchange some tense words.


Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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