BBC EastEnders fans ‘rumble’ Sharon is secretly working against Keanu in ‘revenge twist’

EastEnders fans think Sharon Watts secretly knows about Keanu Taylor's plan against her, and that she could be plotting revenge ahead of their wedding on the BBC soap

EastEnders viewers think they’ve rumbled a major Sharon Watts revenge twist, after seeing a sign she may have secretly worked out Keanu Taylor’s lies.

A scene in the latest episode of the BBC soap saw Karen Taylor look as though she was about to expose her and son Keanu’s sick plan against Sharon during a conversation. While Sharon didn’t seem to know the truth when she met with Keanu after, some fans are wondering if Sharon could be aware of what really happened this week with her son Albie.

Some viewers have even questioned if she has secretly teamed up with someone to take Keanu down. With their wedding day fast approaching, could we see Sharon stringing Keanu along before taking the ultimate revenge?

Keanu and Karen recently teamed up to steal everything Sharon had, including their son Albie, after Sharon refused to put Keanu on the birth certificate. She also planned to move away from Walford with her son, leaving Keanu behind and with little access to his son.

Karen was furious and encouraged him to take revenge, leading to the fake kidnapping of his son Albie. Karen took him to a family member’s house and Keanu wrote a ransom note, leading to Phil lending Sharon £50,000 to pay the supposed abductors.

EastEnders fans think Sharon Watts secretly knows about Keanu Taylor's plan against her

EastEnders fans think Sharon Watts secretly knows about Keanu Taylor’s plan against her 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Karen now has the money hidden, with Keanu furious with her after he and Sharon decided to give things another go. Karen couldn’t believe he was back with her just days after plotting against her.

She visited Sharon and made it clear she did not approve of their relationship. But it seemed as though she was dropping big hints about her involvement in Albie’s kidnapping, as she told Sharon she would do anything for her boy.

Sharon asked what she meant, questioning if she was referring to something in particular. The scene then ended with Karen pulling a face, before Sharon was next seen alone when Keanu returned home.

She claimed Karen had upped and left, but did Karen spill the beans on what Keanu did? Some fans think Sharon has been told the truth, and she is pretending to know nothing about it as she plots her revenge against her partner.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer said: “Theoretically, if Sharon does know the truth, then it would make sense for her to keep what she finds out next week (if it’s what we fear it is) a secret while stringing Keanu along.” Another tweeted: “Here’s some delusional wishful thinking: As long as Keanu survives Christmas and is still Albie’s dad, Sharon knowing and getting revenge at the wedding could be a good thing for Sheanu in the long run.”

A third fan commented: “So shady of Karen to lure Keanu out of the house just so she could go + have a word with Sharon – no wonder he’s furious. And wonder if she’s said too much to Sharon there + at some point she works out who was behind the kidnap – unless the police get there first.”

Another comment read: “For those that have watched today’s #EastEnders.. what we thinking did Karen tell Sharon the truth? Are they working together? Will Keanu completely turn into his Dad & seriously hurt or even kill his own mum? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.”

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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