BBC EastEnders fans slam Sonia pregnancy storyline as they beg ‘make it stop’

EastEnders fans are “sickened” by a current storyline that has seen Sonia Fowler desperately try and fall pregnant with Reiss’ baby after spotting a common theme on the soap

EastEnders fans are blasting a storyline involving Sonia Fowler and her boyfriend Reiss as “sickening” – and have begged bosses to “make it stop”.

BBC viewers have seen the unlikely pair attempting to conceive a baby in recent scenes as the soap documents almost every moment of their journey. However, whilst they may be happy for the Walford favourite, they’re sick to death of hearing about all of the gory details.

From intimate doctors appointments, discussions about Sonia’s fertility cycle and comments about her “womb lining” fans had enough. Taking to X, one fan said: “No more details about Sonia’s insides.”


Sonia and Reiss have been attempting to conceive

A second penned: “Ain’t no one wants to ‘ear about Sonia’s womb lining” followed by a vomiting emoji, as a third added: “please can we stop hearing about Sonia’s fertility, hormones, periods and any other personal bits.”

Wednesday’s episode saw Sonia and Reiss head to the hospital for their first round of IVF, but it hadn’t been long before Reiss’s overbearing actions had started to annoy Sonia. Later, Sonia had been further irritated when Reiss had attempted to administer her IVF medication and control her caffeine intake, and after a furious row, Sonia had told him she wasn’t sure if it was going to work.

Sonia and Reiss head to the hospital for their first round of IVF
Sonia and Reiss head to the hospital for their first round of IVFElsewhere, Rocky dwelled on his idea of setting fire to the café after Kathy received another electric shock from a faulty plug, but later told Harvey he couldn’t go through with it. Rocky got carried away at the bookies after a flurry of wins, but soon lost it all. Later, Harvey offered to take out a loan to help Rocky pay his debts, but after learning about his earlier antics in the bookies, he withdrew the offer.
Reiss has been controlling Sonia

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Out of options, Rocky headed to the café and prepared to see through his plan while Kathy waited for him at Walford East restaurant for a romantic dinner. Sharon had reeled from Albie’s ‘kidnapping’ and had asked Keanu to install a security camera for peace of mind.

With the police still investigating, Karen had continued to worry about her involvement and had later been incensed when Keanu revealed that the kidnapping had made him realize how much he loved Sharon, and they were getting back together.


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