BBC EastEnders fans ‘solve’ Christmas death after spotting ‘real murder weapon’ in new scene

EastEnders viewers believe they have worked out who dies at Christmas and maybe who the killer could be too, after believing they had worked out what the murder weapon is ahead of the BBC soap scenes

EastEnders fans think a major clue in the next episode of the BBC soap, as teased in a preview clip, has given away the murder weapon used in the big Christmas death.

Christmas Day this year will see a character killed off, with them tipped to be murdered by one of six female characters. We still have no idea who dies, but a flashforward clip in February revealed a mystery male character dies at Christmas in The Queen Vic.

We have no idea what happens to them or their cause of death, but it’s heavily hinted they are involved in a fight with six other characters. At the scene of the crime are Stacey Slater, Sharon Watts, Linda Carter, Kathy Beale, Denise Fox and Suki Panesar, and it’s teased one of them will be the killer.

The women are either injured or covered in blood in the clip, while Denise is wielding a broken wine bottle. But fans think this is a red herring, and now we may finally know what the murder weapon used to kill the man is.

If viewers are correct, this could also give away who dies and who the possible killer is – possibly ruling out the latest theory that Dean Wicks dies, after his return was given away online. It could also back the theory that the killer is someone who isn’t one of the six women in the clip.

EastEnders fans think a clue in the next episode of the BBC soap has given away the murder weapon

EastEnders fans think a clue in the next episode of the BBC soap has given away the murder weapon

Will Nish die?

Will Nish die?

A preview for Monday’s episode added to EastEnders’ Instagram showed Suki clashing with newcomer Priya, following her husband Nish Panesar allowing Priya to stay with them. Priya is the ex of Nish’s son Ravi Gulati, and the mother of his son Nugget and his secret daughter Avani.

Amid speculation Nish and Priya may have an affair after recent scenes, some fans think a clue in the clip might tease that Nish dies, and the murder weapon is currently in their home. When the duo arrived last week, Avani was seen clutching a vase, which she later explained held sentiment to her.

She fed Ravi a story about it being the only thing she and her mother bought that they did not need, before hitting difficult times with money woes. It’s found itself into the Panesar house, and Suki was shown moving it off the table in the preview clip, not a fan of it.

Christmas Day this year will see a character killed off

Christmas Day this year will see a character killed off

As Priya spotted her doing this, she put it back on the table to annoy her. The constant focus on this vase left some viewers convinced it was significant in some way.

Taking to Instagram, some fans predicted it would be used to kill Nish in upcoming scenes, so might it be the murder weapon for Christmas Day? One viewer posted on Instagram: “That vase is the the vase that will be used to kill who I think will be nish.”

Another fan said: “hmmmmmm this christmas ep actually has me on ropes,” as a third predicted: “That vase is going to end up round someone head.” This was agreed by another viewer who said: “Dose anyone think that vase is going to be used to hit someone over the head with?” while a fifth tweeted: “Oooh!!! Didn’t even think of that, makes sense why they always bring attention to it.”

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