BBC EastEnders fans spot hidden message as they ‘work out’ huge plot twist

Eagle-eyed EastEnders viewers claim they have “figured out” a potentially game changing plot twist after spotting a huge clue etched on the side of a tree during dramatic scenes

EastEnders fans are convinced they’ve rumbled a major twist after spotting a huge clue on Thursday’s episode (November 30)

Fans saw Eve left for dead by evil Nish Panesar after he tricked her into visiting Walford East and confronted her about her affair with Suki. After being discovered standing over her unconscious body by his son, Ravi, Nish ordered him to “finish her” and hide the body.

The latest scenes show Eve hiding in the woods with suspicious markings carved into a tree that appears to read 6th. Theories are flying about the meaning of the clue, with many thinking Eve could be a sixth member of the famous five from the Christmas episode special – that sees the death of a major character.


The latest scenes show Eve hiding in the woods with suspicious markings carved into a tree that appears to read 6th (Image: BBC)

“Maybe a clue? Eve’s back January 6th? Or the sixth woman in pub? Linda walks out from behind the bar – maybe Eve is amongst the other five? All clues sent to confuse us – but they do get us thinking!” said one fan. “Maybe she’s the 6th woman that we haven’t yet seen in the clip and she kills Nish,” a second echoed.

The BBC soap dropped the sixth and final trailer ahead of the Christmas Day murder. Fans have been on the edge of the seat waiting for Suki Panesar’s trailer, which was posted online earlier this week after Nish tried to kill Eve.

With Nish being Suki’s expected target this Christmas, it is unsurprising to see the final trailer finally released. Alongside the video, the official Twitter account simply wrote: “In a flash, everything changes…”

Fans rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the final trailer. One fan wrote: “Bet she’s running to Eve [who’s she’s just found out is ALIVE]!” whilst a second added: “I believe that this trailer is symbolism that Suki is going to abandon the Panesar clan and go after her one true soulmate, the woman she wills to spent her everlasting days will for eternity Eve! #EastEnders #Sukeve.”

A third added: “WHERE IS SHE RUNNING TO THATS THE QUESTION.” We have already had Denise’s – which was about her affair with Ravi being exposed – whilst Linda’s was when her rapist Dean Wicks returned.

Kathy’s trailer was posted when Rocky set fire to the café for the insurance and nearly killed her grandkids, whilst Stacey’s appeared when Theo Hawthorne’s stalking got worse. Sharon’s appeared around the time of the kidnapping and her rekindling her romance with Keanu.

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