BBC EastEnders fans spot huge error as Dean Wicks is thrown down stairs

Soap fans tuning in on Monday night were wincing for all the wrong reasons as they watched soap villain Dean Wicks get knocked down a flight of stairs by George Knight


EastEnders fans were left laughing instead of gasping when a dramatic scene aired on the soap on Monday.

It was all too clear to viewers of the BBC soap that a stunt performer had taken over one of the roles. Monday night’s episode of the long-running BBC soap saw an explosive argument erupt between Dean Wicks and George Knight – and ended with the former being slapped down a staircase.

Tensions rose throughout the episode when Dean and his business partners Ian and Cindy Beale planned to open new business Beale’s Eels together – only for the word ‘rapist’ to be spraypainted in red across the shopfront.

EastEnders viewers will recall that Dean viciously raped Linda Carter in 2015 and the evil character suspected Linda had left the graffiti on his new business venture after she and Alfie Moon handed out flyers to dissuade punters. He stormed over to the Queen Vic to confront the barmaid, only for her to protest her innocence – as viewers saw a mystery teen was the one who vandalised the shop front.

Linda was clearly threatened by Dean’s presence and was relieved when Cindy and George arrived at the scene to intervene. But an argument soon ignited between the two male characters – with Dean insinuating Linda was trying to bed George.


Dean Wicks was thrown down a staircase on EastEnders on Monday night 



Defending Linda’s honour, former boxer George swiftly dealt Dean a backhanded slap across his face – but this caused the character to stumble backwards and fall down the stairs. The cameras captured the dramatic moment, but viewers also couldn’t help but notice a stunt double had replaced Dean for the scene.

Many soap fans took to social media to comment on the dramatic moment that played out at the end of the episode. One fan on X wrote: “That drop was soooooo pathetic why did I see when they switched the camera to the stunt double.”

Another added: “That doof doof genuinely had me crying with laughter LMAO.” And a further viewer tweeted: “This made me snort the water I was drinking up me nose!”


Many soap fans expect Dean to be killed off this Christmas 



Fans have been speculating Dean will be the character that is killed this Christmas on EastEnders. Back in February, a flash forward showed Linda alongside Stacey Slater, Sharon Watts, Denise Fox, Kathy Beale and Suki Panesar standing over a dead body in the Queen Vic – with the identity finally due to be revealed on Christmas Day.

Matt Di Angelo, who plays Dean, discussed his return to EastEnders last month as he is back on the soap after a seven year absence. He told DigitalSpy: “It feels great to be back. I started at EastEnders almost 18 years ago, which seems like a lifetime ago now. I haven’t been back for seven years, so I was thrilled to be asked again for the third time as I love the people and the show.”

He also explained Dean felt confident enough to return to Albert Square after Linda’s husband, Mick Carter, was lost at sea and alter declared dead following dramatic scenes last Christmas. The actor said: “It felt like the right time for me, but also for Dean. When Mick was alive, Dean wouldn’t have dared to come back to the Square because there’s no way Mick would have stood for it. Rightly so, because what Dean did to Linda is unforgivable and even his parents Shirley and Buster turned their backs on him.

“But now Mick’s dead, I think it’s opened up that door to allow Dean to return as Linda doesn’t have him there to back her up. Without Mick, Dean can twist the narrative, and he has more chance of getting away with it.”

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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