BBC EastEnders fans ‘work out’ Eve Unwin’s secret plan as she makes surprise return after death fears

EastEnders fans were left reeling as Eve Unwin made a surprise return to Walford tonight amid fears she had died - as fans rumbled her plan since she first disappeared

EastEnders aired a huge twist tonight – as Eve Unwin returned to Albert Square.

There had been fears Eve had died, or run away for good, after her showdown with villain Nish Panesar. Ravi Gulati was called in to deal with the fall out from Nish’s attack, viewers saw Ravi unable to kill her off but warned her never to return to Walford.

However, tonight, the BBC soap aired a huge twist as Eve made her return to Walford to reunite with Suki Panesar. Suki had planned to drug Nish and find out what really happened to Eve but after a chat with Sonia, he rumbled her plan and hit back at her for what she had done, throwing the wine over the dinner knowing it was drugged.

Suki Panesar on EastEnders

Suki was left speechless by Eve’s return 



With nowhere to turn, Suki revealed all to her husband about the affair and how much she loved her, whilst he cruelly told her he had paid Eve off to leave Walford forever. Suki was then attacked by Nish, before the police rushed in to arrest him for Eve’s murder.

Jack also headed over to see Stacey to tell her about what happened to Eve, leaving her in tears. The police had found blood in the boot of Ravi’s car, and are convinced that both him and Nish had something to do with Eve’s ‘death’.

However, in shocking scenes at the end of the episode, Eve snuck into the back door at Suki’s home to reveal she was very much alive, leaving Suki completely stunned and lost for words.

Fans of the BBC soap have rumbled a twist and are convinced that Eve had planned this all out from the start, and thus was the anonymous tipster who told the police Ravi was seen in his car with Eve – and had planted the blood.

Eve Unwin on EastEnders

EastEnders fans were left reeling as Eve Unwin made a surprise return to Walford tonight amid fears she had died 



One fan penned: “Omg I just realised that eve herself probably put the anonymous tip through about being seen with ravi, and the blood in the car, as he said “someone’s setting me up” yes it’s eve as she needed a way to be able to come back,” whilst a second added: “That’s what I thought when I saw Eve back. She knows a lot about the law so could easily set up Ravi and Nish.”

Giving their verdict on the scenes, a third shared: “Eve definitely set up Ravi and Nish and it was glorious, I’m assuming she also was in the Slater house the other day too when Stacey thought Theo had broken in.”

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