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BBC EastEnders fans ‘work out’ explosive exit for Denise Fox after Lucas Johnson return

EastEnders viewers are convinced the latest episode of the BBC soap teased a dramatic exit storyline was sealed for Denise Fox, following killer Lucas Johnson's return

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EastEnders viewers are convinced the latest episode of the BBC soap teased a dramatic exit storyline was sealed for Denise Fox

EastEnders fans think Denise Fox could be leaving the BBC soap after scenes involving The Six and returning character Lucas Johnson.

Denise is still struggling with her involvement in a murder that took place on Christmas Day, that saw Keanu Taylor accidentally killed by Linda Carter. In the fallout, Denise has practically been ditched by the other women who were there that night, as they fear she will reveal all.

Denise was also threatened at one point, with the women saying that would have her sent down alone for the crime if she didn’t stay in line. Now, Denise is going to desperate measures to move on – even visiting her serial killer ex Lucas in prison for clarity over her crimes.

Viewers will be familiar with the big Christmas twist, that saw Nish Panesar attacked by Denise with him almost killed, after Nish tried to hurt his wife Suki Panesar. While Nish survived, Keanu was later killed off as Linda stabbed and killed him after he began to strangle Sharon Watts during a showdown.

EastEnders fans will be left gripped next week as Denise Fox prepares to confess to Jack Branning amid the Christmas Day murder

EastEnders fans think Denise Fox could be leaving the BBC soap 

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BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Now The Six – Linda, Sharon, Denise, Suki, Stacey Slater and Kathy Beale – are hiding the fact that they covered up Keanu’s death, telling the police he attacked Nish and went on the run. With Keanu buried under the floor of the café, The Six are barely holding it together as they try to move on.

Denise is struggling with her mental health, experiencing hallucinations and nightmares involving Keanu. It all began after they buried the body, and Denise realised her necklace had fallen into his grave.

The women would not help her and as Denise began acting out, they threatened her and turned their backs on her. Despite all of them facing drama and Linda and Sharon also struggling, Denise has had the most heat from the women with her feared to confess.

Now, fans are sure the latest episode may have teased an exit for Denise is on the way. After Denise sought clarity from Lucas, she was clearly not coping and almost told her ex what had happened to Keanu.

Denise could be framed by the others

Denise could be framed by the others 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Lucas urged her to confess her crimes and to repent, saying it was the only way for her to move on. Later that day, Denise sought guidance from a psychic at The Vic, with Stacey, Kathy and Suki watching on nervous.

They feared she was about to confess to Keanu being dead and them having killed him, but luckily for them it didn’t get that far. Stacey once again lashed out at Denise outside the pub for her antics, and now fans believe the women will make sure Denise is sent down for the crime if the body is found.

Taking to X, one fan posted: “Who else thinks when they find his body they will blame Denise and when she goes to blame everyone else no one will believe her and she’ll get sent down??” Another agreed: “nah I still think Denise is gonna get sent down because she is going to have a breakdown.”

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