Lorraine Stanley shares ‘struggle’ to get new acting work after shock BBC EastEnders axe

Actress Lorraine Stanley has opened up on the 'struggle' to secure new acting work following her surprise axe from EastEnders as fan favourite character Karen Taylor

Lorraine Stanley

EastEnders’ Karen Taylor actress has shared her struggle at getting new acting work following her soap exit.

Lorraine Stanley announced the end of her role as Karen on the BBC soap earlier this year after she confirmed her contract wasn’t going to be renewed. She has played the Walford fan-favourite since 2017 and will be written out as part of a shock cast cull. Announcing the news over the summer, she wrote: “Thank you to Daran Little for creating the Taylors and to the BBC for giving me the opportunity to play such a fabulous character.

“I’ll be sad to be saying goodbye to Karen Taylor and will miss all the cast and crew at EastEnders.” Lorraine has since shared an update with her fans about life after the soap, as she posted the reality of trying to find new work. She shared a photo of a makeshift audition room in her loft where she had been recording tapes for other roles.


Lorraine’s character Karen Taylor has been axed from the soap 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Lorraine wrote: “Self tape setup in the loft, I’m so not technical but I’m proud I’ve managed to set it up all by myself, with advice on equipment by @_zack_morris. Just finished one and its hard work…” The actress admitted she was being “highly critical” as she “struggled” with having to try out for new jobs after seven years on the soap.

She added: “I’ll get there, it’s a struggle watching yourself back & not being highly critical on yourself… just let it go & send it.” She then added “#sent,” to confirm she took the brave step of sending off her audition.

Lorraine recently revealed she once made a terrible blunder during an audition that cost her a role on Coronation Street. In an interview with Inside Soap, the TV star previously expressed she was also keen to land a stint behind the bar on the Coronation Street set – but failed after her accent let her down. Recalling her experience, she shared: “I went to audition for Corrie once.

“I did a character with a northern accent for the read-through. But when I got there on the day, I just couldn’t do the accent. I can only do it when I’m messing around! I was gutted.”

Speaking to The Sun, Lorraine revealed she is gutted to be leaving the EastEnders family but was excited to see what opportunities come next. And it seems her dreams of appearing on Corrie are not over just yet as she revealed: “I think it would have to be Corrie and I would have to be the new landlady. I’d be Gemma’s [Winter] auntie, Bernie’s sister. I’d be in there family and I’d take over The Rovers.”

The actress will exit the soap at the end of the year, and Lorraine confessed she would be furious if her character was killed off. She admitted: “I hope the door will be left open for Karen. I can’t say too much but if they kill me then I would never watch EastEnders again.”

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