BBC EastEnders ‘work out’ identity of George’s real dad in huge Trueman twist

EastEnders fans are convinced they've rumbled who George Knight's biological parents are after watching the Queen Vic barman realise he was lied to about his heritage

EastEnders fans believe they’ve worked out who George Knight’s biological parents are.

The Queen Vic barman, played by Colin Salmon, has been left shellshocked after being told the truth about how he was adopted. His parents Gloria and Eddie revealed to him that they were paid to take him in as a child via baby farming, rather than adopt him normally like he had believed.

It’s caused him to question everything about his childhood and his heritage. And he continued to struggle on Wednesday night (January 3) as he attempted to find out the truth about where he came from.

He met up with his ex Cindy Beale and told her that his birth parents had placed an advert in the local newspaper for adoptive parents to take him in. Cindy found out that this was common between 1966 and 1970, during the time George was born.

Fans reckon they know who George’s dad is (Image: BBC)
But he realised that it was mainly African immigrants who placed adverts in the papers, and not Jamaican immigrants. He had believed he was of Jamaican heritage.George pointed out that Gloria, his adoptive mum, had told him his parents were Jamaican, but Cindy wondered if they were simply lying to him. He started to realise he might not be Jamaican after all, but it seems nothing is certain.

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They think Patrick is George’s dad (Image: BBC)

But fans believe they’ve rumbled the identity of George’s parents after watching the heartbreaking episode, which saw him break down in Elaine’s arms. They believe the former boxer’s dad could be Patrick Trueman, who is from Trinidad.

And some think this could mean that Yolande is George’s real mum. Fans took to X, formerly Twitter, to speculate. One wrote: “I’m calling it now. Patrick Trueman is his dad.”

They claim Yolande could be George’s mum (Image: BBC)

Another commented: “Do not tell me Patrick is George’s father !!!”. A third wrote: “Just got a feeling that George will turn out to be Patrick’s son.”

Believing Patrick’s beau Yolande could be his mum, one wrote: “That scene between George and Patrick. Could Patrick really be George’s biological father which could make Yolande his mother.”

We may have been handed a clue during a brief interaction between George and Patrick at the bar. Patrick, wh told George that his dad is Jamaican, but even this mention of George’s dad could suggest the pair are related.

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