BBC EastEnders fans ‘work out’ Johnny Carter’s return plot as Linda struggles after Christmas death

BBC EastEnders viewers are convinced of Johnny Carter's return plot to Albert Square as Linda Carter struggles in the aftermath of the Christmas death

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EastEnders viewers are convinced of Johnny Carter’s return plot to Albert Square after the recent Christmas death.

In shocking scenes on Christmas Day, Keanu Taylor was killed by Linda Carter when he attempted to strangle Sharon Watts after she refused to let him see Albie. Earlier in the day, Sharon had called the wedding off, having learned that Keanu was a part of the kidnapping plot for Albie.

As a result, Sharon revealed to Keanu that Albie wasn’t his son, before Phil Mitchell heard the truth – that he was the biological dad to Albie. It led to a big confrontation when Keanu headed to the Queen Vic and as he strangled Sharon, Linda stepped in to save her. Prior to this, The Six had knocked out Nish Panesar, who had attempted to attack wife Suki, and they have blamed Nish’s serious head injury on Keanu, claiming he has gone on the run.

Linda Carter continues to struggle in the aftermath of the Christmas death

Linda Carter continues to struggle in the aftermath of the Christmas death 



On Tuesday’s episode, The Six decided to bury the body after dragging it across the Square in a sheet of tarpaulin, hiding it in the derelict café following the fire. The Six thought their secret was safe until Rocky Cotton, who had attempted to go in the pub on Christmas Day before passing out drunk in Albert Square, dropped a bombshell on Wednesday night.

Rocky told estranged partner Kathy Beale: “Kath, I remember what happened and what I saw last night. It was Sharon, I saw Sharon, I think she must be helping Keanu, she was stood outside the café, in her wedding dress, then she went in! Why would she do that, I think she’s hiding something in there, I’m going to find out!”

As a result of meddling Rocky, The Six decided to shop Rocky to the police for the café fire and he was arrested on Friday night. Soap watchers will recall that Rocky recently staged a fire at his wife Kathy’s café as he continued to struggle with debt problems due to his gambling addiction.

Prior to Rocky’s arrest, recovering alcoholic Linda struggled in the aftermath of Christmas Day as she fell off the wagon again, turning to alcohol. After making a scene in the pub, Denise Fox and Suki tried to talk sense into Linda, Denise said: “I’m going to talk to Elaine, see if she can stay with one of her kids, have a break…”

It was recently revealed that Linda’s son Johnny, played by newcomer Charlie Suff, would be returning to the BBC One soap and now viewers think they have rumbled his return storyline. Taking to Twitter, now X, one person said: “Suki and Denise trying to talk some sense into Linda to try and stop her from blowing their story was brilliant. Suki’s just done with her and Denise is trying to connect on an emotional level. I’m guessing Linda will visit Johnny and then he’ll come back with her #EastEnders.”

Elsewhere, a different account put: “Lawyer Johnny Carter to the rescue #Eastenders”, another viewer wrote: “johnny is a lawyer… which is handy… welcome home son #eastenders” while a different fan added: “Well, now we know why lawyer Johnny Carter is returning… #EastEnders.”

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