BBC EastEnders fans ‘work out’ missing character has secretly returned after Stacey scene

EastEnders thanks think a cryptic scene on Thursday gave away that a missing character had secretly returned to Walford, as a mystery person snuck into Stacey Slater's house

EastEnders viewers think a much-loved character has returned to the BBC soap, and could be in hiding.

A scene involving Stacey Slater on Thursday night left many viewers convinced that a missing Walford resident had secretly come back. Amid Stacey’s best pal Eve Unwin being missing after a run-in with Nish Panesar and Ravi Gulati, the police began door knocking for clues on here whereabouts.

Viewers know that Nish attacked Eve after uncovering her romance with his wife Suki Panesar. He ordered his son Ravi to kill Eve and dispose of her body.

Of course Ravi couldn’t actually go through with it and let Eve live, but he threatened her to flee and never return. Back in Walford, some of her loved ones are concerned for her safety, while no one knows the truth except for Ravi.

But as Stacey fretted over her missing friend in the latest episode, something happened that left fans convinced Eve may have secretly returned. Stacey panicked and thought her stalker Theo Hawthrone was back in Walford, after she noticed her front door was open.

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Eve Unwin on EastEnders

EastEnders viewers think a much loved character has returned to the BBC soap 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

As detective Jack Branning approached her she was clearly panicked, as she told him everyone was out for the day yet the door was open. Ruling out it being her or anyone else, Jack raced into the house and searched the area, finding no one there.

But fans watching were quick to suspect they knew exactly who had left the door open, wondering if Eve may have returned to Walford. One hopeful fan said: “EVE LEFT THE DOOR ON THE LATCH! who else would leave the door open unless they were in a rush and didn’t want to be seen? SHE’S COMING HOMEEEE.”

A fan replied to this theory saying: “Omg omg omg omg you’re absolutely correct and you’re a genius. What if Eve is hiding in the loft or something.” A third fan commented: “Has Eve been back to the Slaters? Left in a rush and left the door on the latch.”

Meanwhile a fourth viewer said: “I am INCREDIBLY certain that eve is lurking in the square…i mean obviously it’s not theo who left the door open when eve could of been in THAT much of a rush to leave so that she wasn’t seen that she left the slaters front door open. oh christmas hurry up.”

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