BBC EastEnders fans work out Nish Panesar’s devastating plan for Kat Slater in shocking twist

EastEnders fans have rumbled what Nish Panesar's plan is for Kat Slater in a terrifying twist as things seemed to blossom between the two singletons tonight

Nish Panesar and Kat Slater

EastEnders fans have worked out what Nish Panesar’s plan for Kat Slater is as things heated up between them.

Kat recently split from Phil Mitchell after learning that he had a one night stand with Emma Harding, Lola’s mother, and the pair have been at loggerheads ever since. Elsewhere, Nish – now fully recovered from his attack in Albert Square’s Queen Vic on Christmas Day – has remained in Walford whilst his estranged wife Suki’s romance with Eve only goes from strength to strength.

Tonight, Kat found herself initially declining some drinks with Nish – who is trying to help her out by offering her somewhere to stay following her split from Phil – but later, the pair ended up getting along and it seemed like a new romance was budding.

Fans are convinced they’ve rumbled Nish’s real plan for Kat – and they insist he doesn’t really like her. One wrote: “I just have a feeling that Nish is up to something as is using Kat as a pawn,” whilst a second replied: “People are overanalysing it, he’s just trying to get Phil’s business and spite Phil. He’s lost his wife now so all he can do is get money and power. Not rocket science.”

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Another added: “With all of Phil’s businesses in Kat’s name, Nish will befriend her, hoodwink and con Kat then own all of Phil’s empire,” whilst a fourth penned: “Nish has a motive he’s not interested in Kat.”

Others are convinced Nish knows exactly what happened in the pub on Christmas Day and will soon be blackmailing them all. One wrote: “I reckon Nish knows and he pretended to be half dead when all the chaos happened in the pub. I reckon he’s going to try blackmail them all 6 but they will frame him as the killer of Keanu. I know the Six storyline ain’t over yet.”

The big revelation between Phil and Kat happened when Sam Mitchell revealed all about Emma. It led to her exit, with actress Kim Medcalf saying of her exit: “It’s been brilliant, as always! It was perfect timing for me and worked really well that Sam was coming back for another short stint. That’s the beauty of this character – I love that she comes in, disrupts things, and then leaves the debris behind her. This time, she’s been chucked out the back of a van, taken £100k from Phil to pay back a drug dealer and then blown up his marriage to Kat! There’s a lot of drama with Sam, and it’s never plain sailing.”

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