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BBC EastEnders fans ‘work out’ Rocky death twist after fire horror amid shock exit

EastEnders viewers are questioning if Rocky Cotton will be killed off despite seemingly surviving the devastating café fire on the BBC soap, with the character leaving the show

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EastEnders viewers believe a major death twist could be on the way on the BBC soap after a fire at the café.

Rocky Cotton, Bobby Beale and Peter Beale were all rushed to hospital after being injured in the blaze. Rocky had started the fire on purpose by messing with the already dodgy electrics, wanting to make it look like an accident.

He wasn’t counting on Bobby rushing in to put out the fire though, with Bobby also accidentally causing an explosion when he switched the power back on via the fusebox, not realising he’d accidentally turned the gas stove on. As he hit the switch, the whole place erupted into flames leaving him seriously injured.

Peter and Rocky rushed in to save him but the roof collapsed on top of them, and all three were hurt. As they were taken to hospital, Rocky regained consciousness with him appearing to be okay.

Kathy then told her husband that her grandsons Bobby and Peter were in intensive care, and that Peter was on a ventilator. Rocky appeared cut up over the news, knowing full well he was to blame.

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EastEnders viewers are questioning if Rocky Cotton will be killed off

EastEnders viewers are questioning if Rocky Cotton will be killed off 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

But amid it looking as though Peter and Bobby could die, fans are predicting a major twist. Some fans think Peter and Bobby will end up surviving, and that Rocky will die in the fallout.

Some predicted he would suffer a heart attack from the guilt, while others wondered if he was more injured than they realised. Taking to Twitter, fans theorised a possible death for the character, with one guessing: “I think Rocky dies.”

Another said: “So I’m guessing the twist is that both boys pull through and Rocky doesn’t. Real shame; Rocky pre-gambling nonsense was terrific.” A third wrote: “I wonder whether after he gets discharged from hospital he has heart attack thinking he has killed Bobby or Peter.”

A fourth comment read: “Rocky is leaving so maybe does have a injury that takes him.” The theories kept on coming too, with another tweet reading: “Peter and Bobby are likely safe so it’s probably Rocky who dies here. Or not.” Viewers will have to tune in next week to find out who survives.

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