BBC EastEnders George and Cindy affair ‘rumbled’ – but pair are ‘doomed’ for one reason

AI has revealed whether or not EastEnders exes Cindy Beale and George Knight will become secret lovers again following ever-growing tension and their secret kiss

AI has shared its take on whether EastEnders pair Cindy Beale and George Knight will engage in a steamy love affair and by the looks of it – it’s more than likely.

The former couple who share two daughters together have had a very turbulent year following Cindy’s return to Albert Square with her ex-husband Ian in tow. After discovering the truth about Cindy’s past, George was evidently upset with her history of lies but as the pair work on keeping their past where it belongs, their history of romance appears to have resurfaced.

Back in September George and Cindy shared a secret kiss. But after being caught in the act by their daughter Gina, the pair dismissed their smooch.

But now AI seems to think the pair could possibly rekindle their old flame. Sharing its, it said: “Predicting the future, especially in the ever-changing world of soap opera storylines, is tricky! However, based on recent events and fan speculation, here’s what we can consider regarding George and Cindy’s potential affair in EastEnders.

There could be a potential affair brewing in EastEnders
There could be a potential affair brewing between Cindy and George (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)
The creative tool Bard explained there is evidence for an affair following the passionate kiss they shared and lingering attraction. Their shared history could also return to the surface.

It added: “Motivation – dissatisfaction with their current partners, Ian and Elaine, could push them towards each other. Fan speculation: Many viewers are eager to see them reunite and are picking up on subtle clues suggesting an impending affair.”

Cindy and George previously kissed
Cindy and George previously kissed (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

However, “past betrayals” could be an obstacle against the affair. The tool said: “Their history is riddled with lies and deceit, making trust a major hurdle. Consequences: The fallout would be significant, impacting families, friendships, and their reputations.”

It also stated that given their character development, they’re likely to be more cautious about “risky” decisions, like a scandal which could blow up their families.

Fans have also speculated the pair could end up cheating
Fans have also speculated the pair could end up cheating (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

During Christmas Day, the tension was brewing as George and Cindy couldn’t help but exchange glances when the whole family joined together for festive day fun. But when George revealed that he was taking his partner Elaine away to a hotel, Cindy’s face looked evidently displeased.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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