BBC EastEnders’ Karen and Keanu Taylor ‘exposed’ as character arrives amid Albie secret

Hit BBC One soap EastEnders is lining up explosive scenes for Karen, played by Lorraine Stanley, and Keanu Taylor, played by Danny Walters, on the hit programme

EastEnders’ Karen and Keanu Taylor fear their secret will be exposed next week on the BBC One soap.

Soap watchers will recall Karen (Lorraine Stanley) has been part of a dramatic storyline recently with her on-screen son Keanu (Danny Walters). Keanu and Karen teamed up to steal everything Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) had, including her son Albie, after Sharon refused to put Keanu on his birth certificate. She also planned to move away from Walford with her son, leaving Keanu behind and with little access to his son.

Karen was furious and encouraged him to take revenge, leading to the fake kidnapping of his son Albie – although Karen hadn’t intended her son go so far in the plot. Karen took the tot to a family member’s house, Malcolm, and Keanu wrote a ransom note, leading to Phil lending Sharon £50,000 to pay the supposed abductors. Karen was left hiding the money at her flat.

EastEnders’ Karen and Keanu Taylor fear their secret being exposed next week on the BBC One soap 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Things have gone from bad to worse as Keanu has now got engaged to Sharon again after celebrating the safe return of Albie with Sharon still oblivious Keanu was responsible. The duo wanted to celebrate their engagement last Tuesday and Karen refused to join in. Elsewhere, it was revealed on Wednesday night that Keanu was not Albie’s biolofical dad. Instead, Sharon discovered that Phil is in fact the youngster’s father.

In upcoming scenes, the mother and son risk being rumbled when Malcolm shows up in Albert Square. In the episodes, Mitch organises a surprise birthday party for Karen in The Vic but he soon becomes suspicious of her cash flow when she agrees to pay for a large drinks tab.

Mitch continues to try and repair the relationship between Karen and Keanu and the pair edge closer to a reconciliation following a heart-to-heart. However, things take an explosive turn when Karen and Keanu are stunned to see Malcolm appear at the party and Albie takes a shine to him…

The mother and son risk being rumbled when Malcolm shows up in Albert Square 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Karen and Keanu panic when Malcolm arrives at the party, fearing his involvement in Albie’s kidnapping will come to light and they will be exposed. After an innocent chat with Sharon, Malcom is disgusted to learn about his involvement in Karen and Keanu’s staged kidnapping. Will he spill all?

Later, Keanu heads to No. 29B and demands Karen hand over the ransom money but she refuses before the pair are interrupted by Mitch. Keanu makes a quick exit, but Mitch demands the truth as Karen tearfully reveals all.

Mitch is disgusted to learn about Karen’s involvement in Albie’s kidnapping and insists they must give the money back. Will Karen agree and is her secret safe for now?

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