BBC EastEnders Kat and Alfie reunion ‘sealed’ — with ‘very angry’ Phil ‘set for revenge’

EXCLUSIVE: EastEnders legends Kat Slater and Alfie Moon could be set for a shock romance reunion - and her new husband Phil Mitchell won't be too happy about it

EastEnders icons Kat Slater and Alfie Moon could be set to get back together, AI has claimed.

Viewers of the BBC soap have witnessed the on-and-off-again relationship between the pair since the early 2000s. And their fiery relationship has been at the heart of a number of memorable storylines over the years.

But back in 2018, things finally came to an end for the fan-favourite pair. Kat (Jessie Wallace) found out that Alfie was the father of her cousin Hayley Slater’s baby.

Since then, the pair have seemingly moved on – with Kat striking up a romance with soap legend Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden). The pair even tied the knot in September.

The pair have had an off-and-on relationship over the years (Image: BBC / Kieron McCarron)And as fans will recall, over in Walford at the moment Alfie (Shane Richie) is facing a terrifying cancer ordeal. The character ended up taking time away from the square for a few months to privately recover from prostate cancer.

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At the time, Kat’s hubby Phil was the only one to know the truth about Alfie’s diagnosis and agreed to keep his secret. Alfie also confided in close pal Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) about the ordeal.

Kat recently tied the knot to Phil

Last week though, Alfie finally came clean about his cancer to Kat after he plucked up the courage to tell her. Heartbroken at the news, Kat pulled Alfie in for a big hug, completely unaware that Phil was not-too-pleased as he watched them secretly.

Things then took a rather awkward turn when Kat and Alfie were introduced to Eve Unwin’s new girlfriend Tessa. Mistaking the pair for a couple, Alfie told Tessa: “No, we’re not together,” before Kat quipped: “He’s not my man.”

Nervous, Alfie added: “No, used to be a few times, but we’ve got kids.” Kat chimed in and said: “Me and him ancient history.” Carrying on, Alfie said: “But we still got feelings.” Straight away, Kat fired back: “Yeah, friendly feelings.”

Alfie is going through a cancer ordeal (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Even Tessa couldn’t help but notice the awkward tension between Kat and Alfie. Speaking to Eve, she laughed at how some people never really get over an ex.

Now, it’s been claimed that Kat and Alfie could be getting back together. And Kat’s hubby Phil will not be happy about it.

Daily Star has quizzed one of the world’s most popular artificially intelligent “creative” tools Bard AI to see if a reunion could be ok the cards for Kat and Alfie. The program responded: “It is possible that Kat and Alfie could get back together in EastEnders.”

AI reckons Kat and Alife will get together (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

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The system explained: “Alfie has been trying to win Kat back for a while now, and she has been shown to still have feelings for him. However, Kat is currently engaged to Phil Mitchell, so it is unclear whether or not she would be willing to leave him for Alfie.”

But AI then noted how if the pair did get back together it could lead to some dangerous consequences. The program said: “It is likely that Phil would be very angry. Phil and Alfie have a long history of animosity, and Phil would likely see Alfie as a threat to his relationship with Kat. It is possible that Phil would get revenge on them and try to sabotage their relationship.”

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday on BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 7.30pm

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