BBC EastEnders Kathy Beale star lets slip Rocky dies this Christmas in shock scenes

Kathy Beale star Gillian Taylforth has seemingly let slip a clue that Rocky Cotton dies this Christmas in huge scenes - as one (or more) of The Six turn to murder this festive season

Kathy Beale and Rocky Cotton from EastEnders

Kathy Beale star Gillian Taylforth has seemingly let slip Rocky Cotton dies this Christmas on EastEnders.

One man will die this festive season, killed by one (or more) of The Six. In shocking scenes on Christmas Day, viewers will finally learn which one of seven men will end up dying – and the ramifications it will have on all of the women involved.

Rocky is one of the seven men who could die after Kathy learned the truth that he had set fire to the café to try and claim the money from the insurance – and also ended up putting Bobby and Peter’s lives in danger in the process.

The Six women and the seven men of EastEnders

Someone will die this Christmas at the hands of one of The Six

Having learned what happened that night, Kathy was fuming and ordered him out of her life. However, at a recent press event, Kathy star Gillian seemingly let slip that Rocky could be the body on the floor this Christmas.

Speaking to The Mirror and other press, she said: “The trouble is, she’s given him so many chances that she’s given up with him now. To find out that he was going to actually let her take the blame for the café fire and also for almost killing her grandchildren. That is despicable and that’s why she says, ‘that’s it, I’ve had enough, get out of my life.

“She still loves him. And there’s that awful thing with love and hate. She loves him but she hates what he’s done, but deep down, she still really loves him and things are going – I can’t tell you. I could tell you but I’d have to kill you.” She went on to add: “Things will happen with Rocky and it’s going to be very upsetting. Very sad Brian Conley’s left, he’s lovely. It was so lovely to work with him. I don’t think she will forgive him over this one, but she’s still got a deep love for him.”

However, she quickly clarified that speaking about him in past tense didn’t mean he had died – but could she have just dropped a hint that Kathy might be the one to kill Rocky this Christmas?

Brian Conley’s exit from the BBC soap has been confirmed. In a statement, he said: “Hello lovely people, it’s me, Brian Conley AKA Rocky from EastEnders. Sending out this message, especially to all the EastEnders fans. Now, you may have heard reports that I’m leaving EastEnders and it was a tough decision but it is true… I am going.

“I made it for many reasons, this decision, and it’s tough because they’re such a wonderful crowd. In front of the cameras and behind the cameras, I’ve loved my three years there. So that’s the truth in the reports! There’s other parts of the reports saying that I ‘clashed’ with TV bosses and the crew. I didn’t ‘clash’ with anyone, I didn’t have a rant.”

He added: “I’ve gone with their [EastEnders’] blessings at the BBC, I’m excited about the future and where it’s going to go. I’m also excited about Rocky’s exit… as I know it’s good! So I’m sending you much love, all the EastEnders fans, and yeah… enough said!”

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