BBC EastEnders’ Keanu death and Karen exit ‘sealed’ as Sharon vows revenge in kidnap twist

EastEnders may have teased some big twists ahead for two characters on the BBC soap ahead of a shock exit and a Christmas death, with Sharon Watts out for revenge

EastEnders may have sealed the fates of Karen and Keanu Taylor in the latest episode of the BBC soap, and it’s not looking good.

Ahead of a shock exit and a brutal Christmas Day death, one character swore revenge after a dramatic child kidnap plot. Keanu’s on/off partner Sharon Watts was devastated last week as her young son Albie went missing.

Her panic only heightened when she was sent a ransom note, with the kidnapper demanding thousands of pounds for little Albie’s release. Sharon has no idea the tot was taken by his own father Keanu and his grandmother Karen.

Karen and son Keanu teamed up against Sharon in a bid to fleece her and steal Albie. Keanu was furious when Sharon planned to move to Dubai without him after already costing him access to his daughter Peggy. Karen urged her son to take revenge, but their plan has spiralled and they are at risk of being rumbled as Albie “remains missing”.

A police search remains underway in Walford, with Karen and Keanu panicking as the search area was extended. Sharon was desperate to have her son back, with ex Phil Mitchell offering to help her.

EastEnders may have teased some big twists ahead for two characters

EastEnders may have teased some big twists ahead for two characters 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

But as Keanu feigned concern and didn’t know how to get out of the situation, it became clear the walls were closing in on him and Karen. It was something that Sharon said towards the end of the episode though that could well tease their fates.

We know that Karen is leaving the soap very soon, with actress Lorraine Stanley written out of the show. We also know that a mystery male character will be killed off on Christmas Day on Sharon’s wedding day to Keanu.

While we don’t know who dies, why or how, viewers have been suspecting Keanu could be the victim. So when Sharon vowed revenge on whoever had taken Albie at the end of Monday’s episode, was this a sign that Keanu needed to watch his back?

Sharon said in front of a horrified Keanu that she would make the culprit pay and that “the scum of the Earth will get what they deserve”. When she finds out said “scum” are Keanu and Karen, she isn’t likely to let them get away with it – so will Keanu be killed by Sharon and The Six in revenge?

After all, she did try to kill ex Ian Beale after finding out he was behind her son Dennis’ death, with Phil also trying to bump him off over the news. With Karen leaving it has to be tied into the storyline, so it could well mean Keanu is facing a grim fate.

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