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BBC EastEnders killer Linda Carter’s confession ‘sealed’ after Alfie Moon scene

EastEnders' Linda Carter turned to the bottle once again on the BBC soap, as her secret struggles over killing Keanu Taylor on Christmas Day left her confiding in Alfie Moon

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Linda Carter của EastEnders có thể đưa ra lời thú tội giết người với Alfie Moon

EastEnders’ Linda Carter came dangerously close to confessing she was a killer in the latest episode of the BBC soap.

After a scene with Alfie Moon, she could well confess to her crime in the coming weeks or months. In the latest episode of the BBC soap, Linda was forced to bury the corpse of the man she accidentally killed on Christmas Day.

This and recent struggles have left alcoholic Linda relapsing, and she’s hit the bottle. Linda has been drinking heavily ever since the events of Christmas Day, and in the latest episode she very nearly gave the game away to two characters, including close pal and potential love interest Alfie.

Kathy Beale, one of the women who were there when the murder happened, had to stop her from spilling all to her murder victims’ own cousin Felix Baker. But later on, Linda was seen breaking down to Alfie as she spoke of her struggles and how she was never going to be okay – with Alfie clearly concerned for her and desperate for her to open up to him.

So might Linda end up admitting to Alfie what she did to Keanu Taylor, and the involvement of the other members of The Six? Linda Kathy, Sharon Watts, Stacey Slater, Denise Fox and Suki Panesar were all at the scene in The Vic this Christmas when Linda killed Keanu.

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EastEnders' Linda Carter turned to the bottle once again on the BBC soap

EastEnders’ Linda Carter turned to the bottle once again on the BBC soap 



Keanu was strangling his partner Sharon, Linda’s best friend, after a row over her son Albie. Keanu had discovered he was not Albie’s father and would not listen, trying to flee with the youngster and plotting to grass the women up to the police over the attack on Nish Panesar that happened moments earlier.

Linda stabbed Keanu to get him off of Sharon, killing him. They dumped his body in the burnt out café and in the latest episode, the women realised they had to move the body or hide it properly to stop him from being found, as works were due to begin on the café.

Sharon had fled unable to cope, so it was up to the other five women to conceal Keanu’s body under the floor. After it was done, Linda struggled and came across Alfie, who she was meant to be meeting.

Alfie discovered Linda had been drinking and she soon broke down as she confided in him about her recent struggles. It looked like she might end up revealing everything to him but she did keep it to herself.

Alfie looked concerned as he was desperate to help her, encouraging her to speak out and wanting her to get the help she needs. But was this a key sign that Linda may turn to Alfie and confess everything about Keanu’s murder?

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