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BBC EastEnders’ Michelle Collins forced to call the police after being left stranded abroad

EastEnders star Michelle Collins has had an unfortunate start to the year as she revealed she'd lost her passport while on holiday in Spain and could miss her flight back home

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EastEnders star Michelle Collins has found herself in a spot of bother while abroad.

The 61-year-old Cindy Beale actress flew out to Spain to celebrate the New Year and was hoping to enjoy a stress-free journey back home. However, the BBC star shared she had an eventful Monday evening pleading to easyJet HQ on social media to allow her on the plane after she lost her passport and also appealed to the police, who told her it was up to the airline to make a decision.

Michelle took to X, formerly Twitter, to voice her annoyance on social media, writing: “Please easyJet can you help me I have lost my passport at Malaga airport the police (I have been there ) say it is up to the airline to let me fly home. My flight is at 8.30pm tonight I am heading to the airport having just left the police station. Thank you Michele x.”

Michelle pleaded with budget airline easyJet and the police in Malaga

Michelle pleaded with budget airline easyJet and the police in Malaga 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

In an update, she wrote: “Nobody is very helpful @easyJet this is awful.” Yesterday, Michelle had penned a sweet message to her fans, wishing them a happy New Year as she recorded herself at a beach. She said: “Happy New Year to all of you who follow me on here, what a year it’s been, Cindy went back to the square who would’ve thought eh? There’s so much conflict in the world right now let’s hope 2024 is a better one for everyone.”

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The inconvenience comes after EastEnders fans were left stunned by the actress’ youthful appearance after reprising her role over the summer. During a recent interview, Michelle shared an amusing anecdote about how she “almost crashed her car” upon receiving the call to return to EastEnders after 25 years.

She shared: “I was driving somewhere up north and had Bluetooth on, of course. I got the call, John Cannon called from EastEnders asking if I would go back. I nearly crashed the car actually, I was like ‘I’ve got to stop!’ I had to pull over. Then I thought ‘I’ve got to phone Adam’ and he’s actually already called me.

“He said: ‘I’ve just had the call, have you?’ and we both said yes! I didn’t want to go back for one episode. It wouldn’t have been worth it. I wanted to make sure it was planned properly. It was a big move for me. I had to make sure it was the right decision. If I left five years ago, I would have said no.”

Reflecting on their past disagreements, Michelle candidly explained: “We used to row all the time and we don’t any more! We used to bicker, they used to call us George and Mildred. We were very different, but we’ve not gone full circle – I’m so fond of Adam, he’s been so supportive. It’s great to be working together again.”

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