BBC EastEnders Nish Panesar ‘confirmed’ as Christmas dead body: Cufflinks twist to trailer clue

Nish Panesar is one of the most likely candidates for being the dead body at Christmas on EastEnders - and here we take a look at why he might end up on the floor of the Queen Vic

Nish Panesar on EastEnders

Nish Panesar is the prime suspect to be the dead body at Christmas on EastEnders.

The evil and villainous character – played by Navin Chowdhry – could meet his end this Christmas when one male is killed by one (or more) of The Six in the Queen Vic. Since his arrival in the Square just a few months ago, Nish has caused quite a stir with his dodgy business dealings, bringing trouble to Walford – and also for the treatment of his wife Suki.

Fresh from being released from prison, Nish made his mark on the East End when he returned back to reunite with his wife Suki. It was clear she wasn’t keen to see him but since then, he has got on the wrong side of multiple people in Walford. Could everyone’s dislike for Nish mean he ends up as the dead body in EastEnders this Christmas?

Cufflinks twist

Nish Panesar with the cufflinks on EastEnders

Nish handed over the cufflinks but could he get them back? 



The infamous cufflinks are now in the possession of multiple men in Walford after Alfie and Billy sold a string of them to the residents of the Square. But the initial cufflinks actually belonged to Nish, who lost them in a poker game to Rocky.

Given that Nish is the original owner of the cufflinks, could this have been our first clue he was going to die this Christmas?

“I am aware that Nish is the number one contender to die at Christmas,” he told us as he teased the scene, “I think the main clue is to follow the cufflinks. There’s some stuff we filmed recently about the cufflinks so look out for that and follow the cufflinks.”

The scene showed Nish give the cufflinks to Rocky, who handed them to Jack. Soon, Jack passed them over to Phil Mitchell, who wore them for his wedding day. But could they end up back in Nish’s hands before Christmas?

Trailer clue

Eight months ago, we saw a trailer that revealed someone will die this Christmas. There wasn’t much to go on, but we did see the women with a variety of injuries – but what caused them, and what happened to the man?

The Six stand around a dead body on EastEnders

Could a clue in the trailer prove Nish dies? 



Some fans have been convinced that someone related to Suki will die this Christmas after spotting a clue in the trailer. In the short clip, we see Kathy look over at Suki, who sits down on seeing the body, clearly shocked by what’s gone on.

Could that prove that he is the one who dies this Christmas, given Suki’s reaction?

Nish is probably the man that is wanted dead by most of the women.

Suki is obviously keen to get rid of her husband, so she can be with her lover Eve. She has also been going spare about Eve’s whereabouts – and is terrified that Nish could stop her one chance of happiness. Stacey is also adamant she needs to seek revenge on Nish over what happened to Eve, after learning he was behind her disappearance.

Kathy is also not a fan of Nish, given that he has bought the café of her and is planning to knock it all down and change it into a housing development. The news left her horrified – could this mean she’s ready to kill to save her business?

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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