BBC EastEnders’ Reiss gets worrying call about wife Debbie after fans ‘rumble’ revenge twist

EastEnders is lining up explosive scenes next week as Reiss Colwell receives a worrying call about his wife Debbie after fans had 'rumbled' a revenge twist

EastEnders fans are set for dramatic scenes next week as Reiss Colwell receives a worrying call about his wife Debbie.

Soap watchers will recall that Reiss’ wife, Debbie, is in a care home after suffering a stroke while in the bath some time ago. Debbie is unable to move or communicate, while Reiss explained he was no longer able to give her the full-time care she needed. Debbie remains in a coma at the care home, with Reiss often visiting her with it not known whether she will ever recover.

Reiss has since started a relationship with Sonia Fowler and the two have decided to start a family together, embarking in IVF treatment. However, unbeknownst to Sonia, Reiss has used money from his comatose wife Debbie’s private account to fund their IVF treatment.

EastEnders fans believe a twist is imminent for Reiss Colwell

EastEnders fans are set for dramatic scenes next week as Reiss Colwell receives a worrying call about his wife Debbie 


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In upcoming scenes, Sonia tells Reiss that her latest appointment shows that she’s on track with this stage of their IVF treatment. Later, Sonia and Reiss prepare for the next stage of IVF and plan a romantic night together. However, they are soon interrupted when Reiss gets a call to say Debbie’s got a bad infection.

Later in the week, Kathy goes to see Sonia, who is waiting for an update from Reiss on Debbie’s condition. Sonia is ashamed as she confides in Kathy that she feels haunted by Debbie and fears their IVF attempt will be scuppered by this latest emergency. And it’s not long until a broken Reiss returns home after a difficult night at his wife’s bedside with Sonia comforting him.

It comes as fans have predicted a revenge twist. Earlier this year, viewers saw Reiss confessing the truth to Debbie as he visited her. He revealed what he was using the money for and that it was from her account, while he claimed he would pay her back. Viewers were convinced the scenes were teasing a twist was on the way, especially as the camera kept panning to her as Reiss spoke.

Taking to Twitter, now X, viewers speculated once again that Debbie was going to wake up and expose Reiss “very soon”. One viewer commented: “Fam this Debbie woman is gonna wake up and I’m dreading it,” as another said: “Debbie’s going to make a miracle recovery, isn’t she? Just in time to find out her husband is having a baby with another woman and has taken all her money,” as a third said: “Debbie will wake up soon methinks.”

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